UPDATE Occupy protester arrested in bank grafitti attacks

 Walnut Creek police announced Tuesday that they had arrested a self-described member of the Occupy movement who confessed to writing on the windows of banks in Walnut Creek, Clayton, Concord and Pleasant Hill.

Jared Bedecare, 23, of Clayton told police was just attempting to get out a message and not cause damage to any of the banks.

Bedecare’s arrest came after callers and other law enforcement personnel identified him as the clean-shaven young man in the photo police released Tuesday.

A camera caught an image of him, near where he is suspected  of writing grafitti across the windows of Bank of America and Chase Bank in the Citrus Shopping Center on Oak Grove Road early Saturday morning.

Police said the man wearing a black hooded sweatshrt was suspcted of similar incidents at banks between Novemer 11 and November 21.

Police did not arrest Bedecare but will refer his cases to the District Attorney’s Office for possible review.  

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