Pinky’s Pizza to Open This Friday

Get ready for Occupy Pinky’s Pizza? That’s what loyal, excited Pinky’s fans say about the day their favorite pizzeria returns to Walnut Creek.  Tom Beisheim, the former owner who is managing the beloved restaurant’s resurrection, says Pinky’s will open this Friday at 11 a.m. That is, for those inclined to clever number combinations: 11/11/11 at 11 a.m.

“Here’s the dealy,” wrote one Pinky’s fan on Pinky’s Facebook page.If Pinky’s isn’t opened by 11/11/11 at 11 am, we are coming over in droves and we’re ‘Occupying Pinky’s’….with hungry stomachs and lots of cash to spend to boot. Hey we’re a friendly bunch but tired of waiting. Don’t say you haven’t had fair warning.” 

Beisheim, in a quick email to me, reassures fans that, yes, Pinky’s will be open this Friday: “Whether we are ready or not, we open 11/11/11 at 11am !” (Here’s a photo from inside the new restaurant.)
Pinky’s closed in August 2008 at its location in the strip mall on South California Boulevard across from Trader Joe’s.

As with others posting on the Facebook page, Pinky’s provided my lifelong standard for pizza. I grew up living in the neighborhood near Pinky’s and even went to school with a brother of Tom Beisheim. So, that’s where my family would go out or from where we would order pizza. I still compare every pizza I eat–even when I was traveling in Italy–to what I used to get at Pinky’s–especially to the Pinky’s everything-you-can-throw-on-it Combination pizza.

Tom says he was happily enjoying retirement after nearly 40 years of running the Walnut Creek institution, the site of local sports team parties, family dinners, and Las Lomas High get-togethers. But Tom, who has two young children, admitted he missed the “chaos” of running the restaurant and the comaraderie with customers and co-workers.

So, with another Las Lomas High alum, Dan Lilly, Beisheim is re-opening Pinky’s in a new location at  North Broadway, across the street from the Toyota of Walnut Creek dealership.
“I WANT PINKY”S PIZZA,” posted another Facebook fan on Sunday. 
As Beisheim says, Pinky’s fans will soon be getting back they fervently want. 
Pinky’s Pizza will be located at 2085 N. Broadway, Walnut Creek, (925) 939-5000.  

6 thoughts on “Pinky’s Pizza to Open This Friday

  1. Kind of fun to have something so simple as a pizza parlor opening create so much excitement among the 'downtown' residents of Walnut Creek!

    Many wonderful memories were made at the old location over those 40 years and now we can look forward to making new ones on N. Broadway.

    Welcome back TOM!!!


  2. Looking forward to it. Fond memories of the place near our Parkmead neighborhood but willing to travel cross town for the best pizza.


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