Pinky’s Pizza to return to Walnut Creek this fall

The comments are roaring in to the Pinky’s Pizza

Facebook page, following news from former owner Tom Beisheim that he will reopen the restaurant in a new Walnut Creek location this fall.

“Excellent! So glad to see the best pizza on earth will once again be available,”wrote one fan.

“Tom, this is the best news ever,” wrote another. “When we moved to WC 44 years ago Pinky’s was the first place we ate and we never got tired of it. Other pizzas just just don’t have the great Pinky’s taste!!! Can’t wait for the opening.”

“WHAT??????????????????????????​???????’ wrote a third. “Please say this is TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!! I am so excited. I love Pinky’s! Can’t wait! Best news ever!!!!”

Pinky’s closed in August 2008 at its location in the strip mall on South California Boulevard across from Trader Joe’s. A very annoying landlord dispute also forced the closure of Sunrise Cafe and Bakery in the same location.

As with others posting on the Facebook page, Pinky’s provided my lifelong standard for pizza. I grew up living in the neighborhood near Pinky’s and even went to school with a brother of Tom Beisheim. So, that’s where my family would go out or from where we would order pizza. I still compare every pizza I eat–even when I was traveling in Italy–to what I used to get at Pinky’s–especially to the Pinky’s everything-you-can-throw-on-it Combination pizza.

Tom says he was happily enjoying retirement after nearly 40 years of running the Walnut Creek institution, the site of local sports team parties, family dinners, and Las Lomas High get-togethers. But Tom, now at home raising two young children, admits he missed the “chaos” of running the restaurant and the comaraderie with customers and co-workers.

So, with another Las Lomas High alum, Dan Lilly, is re-opening Pinky’s in a new location on North Broadway, across the street from the Toyota of Walnut Creek dealership. If everything goes OK with the city permitting process, the new and improved Pinky’s should be open by early October.

Beisheim, who will serve as the restaurant’s front-of-the-house manager, can’t believe the exultant response he’s received. He spent much of Monday, late into the night, responding to phone calls and emails and reading through the hundreds of Facebook comments he’s received.

“It’s blowing up on Facebook,” he says. “The love is incredible.”

The new Pinky’s, like the former, will reflect Tom’s love of family and community.

In addition to Lilly, the new owner, the landlord of the building is an Acalanes High alum who worked diligently with Tom and Dan Lilly to make sure that Pinky’s will be a success.

Pinky’s fans, writing from all across the country, have no doubt that Pinky’s will more than thrive.

When Tom posed this question on Facebook: “OK, now you folks and fans aren’t going to let me fail are you?”

The 81 boisterous responses included: “Hell no!” and “Might be a week long party!! =) Cant wait to have your pizza again! I can almost taste it…”

4 thoughts on “Pinky’s Pizza to return to Walnut Creek this fall

  1. Thanks for posting the good news. Lots of folks in the Parkmead neighborhood near the old Pinky's will be thrilled to know Pinky's is back albeit in a new location. In talking to Tom on Wednesday by phone his enthusiasm was obvious. As longtime customers my wife and I can't wait to get our Pinky's fix. Many local high school students, including my son, got their first job experience working for Tom. Welcome back, Tom
    Pete Johnson


  2. I have to be honest…when I heard pinkys was reopening I literally almost cried I was so happy. I called my brother who no longer lives in the area and he was so jealous he wanted to scream. I wil be there opening day without a doubt and will NEVER order any other pizza again while in the bay area. I've tried every one there is looking for pinkys replacement and the bottom line is that there is no replacement so thank God its coming back!


  3. I can't wait to see Tom again. Ill bring my father in and have a pizza asap. I hope good old Donna will be working the counter and taking orders. Ive been a customer for 20 years. I hung out after high school and pumped quarters into the Street Fighter arcade competing with my friends.


  4. I can hardly wait. Maybe my social life will improve as well. I miss seeing the “Ole Gang” and look forward to seeing them again at the new location.


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