Looking chic in Chanel while facing criminal charges

I’m sitting on the deck outside the Starbucks in Walnut Creek’s Countrywood shopping center. Life’s not so bad.

I am working. Sort of. I’m writing this after poking through the Best Dressed List in the September issue of Vanity Fair and spying a headline in a New York Times being read by another Starbucks patron: “IMF Chief to Face Criminal Investigation.”

What is it about IMF chiefs? And, did you even know what the IMF was before Dominique Strauss-Kahn did his made-for-the-tabloids perp walk after being arrested in Manhattan on sexual assault charges?

The chic new IMF managing director, Christine Lagarde, is facing a French criminal inquiry for possibly abusing her authority and misusing public funds as the French finance minister in 2007.

Lagarde is a tall, slender woman with an aging-gracefully silver bob. She likes Chanel suits, pearls, and Hermes handbags. Why do I know about Lagarde’s keen fashion sense? Several photos of her were in Vanity Fair. She was among the world’s best dressed, according to the magazine. Right there along with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and other international high society types.

Well, Lagarde will look good while she awaits the results of the inquiry.

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