They’re Back! The Open Carry Guys Coming to Pleasant Hill

The Contra Costa chapter of a group that advocates the right to openly carry unloaded guns will meet protesters when it holds a meeting and toy drive at Nation’s Giant Hamburgers in Pleasant Hill Friday.
News reports say that Contra Costa Open Carry, a chapter of the group Responsible Citizens of California, will hold a meeting at the hamburger restaurant Friday afternoon.

This locally organized Bay Area group advocates the open display of firearms, as allowed by state law, and regularly holds meetings at restaurants around the Bay Area. Back in February, Open Carry members held their biggest gathering to date at the Buckhorn Grill in Walnut Creek.
“It’s time for citizen to arm up,” Gus Konstantares of Antioch said at the Buckhorn Grill. He’s a former military police officer and member of the Pittsburg police department. “It’s a right. If you don’t exercise it, you will lose it.”
The law actually says gun owners can openly carry guns as long as they’re unloaded, holstered, and are not carried near schools or government buildings.

While Friday’s meeting was meant to be low-key, members of the Contra Costa County chapter of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence got word of it. Members of this group, which advocates strengthening gun laws, have decided to organize people to picket it.

The Open Carry organizers expect about 40 members to be at their event, which is scheduled from 2 to 4 p.m. Friday at the Nation’s restaurant located at 1900 Contra Costa Blvd. in Pleasant Hill.

4 thoughts on “They’re Back! The Open Carry Guys Coming to Pleasant Hill

  1. Thank you for advertising for this event. We want as many people to come by and drop off toys as we can. After all Christmas is for the kids.
    However, the Toy Drive is Saturday, not Friday.
    We will have people there willing to unload your car for you, or you can free free to stop and learn out Open Carry, Self-defense, and future community service we will be doing.


  2. Love the confusion of days the media printed. The toy drive will continue but off site and so will the blood drive, again off site. I will bring information to share with people about ways to legally carry tools to defend yourself, not just a firearm.

    Situational awareness is key to safety and so is having the correct tools. I carry tools and have taken proper training. I will be handing out cards for a free class to a defense class.

    This holiday season has already been full of people getting robbed on the streets in Pleasant Hill and the crooks are not getting caught. I would rather people have the ability to defend them selves from harm and maintain the ability to call the police in the end. I will not be an easy victim and women are being targeted. I will continue to walk down Contra Costa armed and aware.


  3. I do not get it. Why would the Brady Campaign protest a Toy Drive?
    Just because the people hosting it are gun owners who happen to be LEGAL?
    I thought the Brady Campaign was against criminals and unlawful people.
    Can someone explain to me why they think people should not be able to protect themselves?


  4. Far left liberals are so closed minded and stupid…, it's mind-boggling… The spin continues… Oh, Happy Thanksgiving…


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