What Do You Think of Tiny Swim Suit Attire for High School Car Wash Fundraisers?

Apparently, those Northgate kids were at it again Sunday, doing a car wash fundraiser in their tiny swim suits.

The blog
Claycord reports that the young gentlemen of the water polo team at Walnut Creek’s Northgate High were donning Speedos and maybe little else while standing at a busy corner in central Contra Costa County, holding signs and trying to lure motorists into a gas station to have their cars washed.

The issue of high school students and their so-called bikini car wash fundraisers, exploded on the local blogosphere last September. This includes on Crazy in Suburbia. It all started on an early September weekend in 2009 when the blogger Mister Writer and other witnesses spotted Northgate High cheerleaders, in string tops and “tight” shorts that barely covered their buttocks, holding a car wash fundraiser at a gas station at Ygnacio Valley Road and Civic Drive in Walnut Creek.

The blogger Mister Writer said the scantily clad girls were “waving signs” to advertise their fundraiser.

A few weeks later, members of the Northgate water polo team were out at the same Walnut Creek intersection–some in Speedos.

Much debate ensued on the Crazy in Suburbia, Claycord, and Mister Writer message boards–about the appropriateness of kids showing a bit of flesh while doing their fundraisers.

Some readers were horrified at young people exploiting their bodies in such ways. Other readers accused us bloggers of being grumpy farts who should just give these kids a break. These students are young, health, in shape and should feel no shame about their bodies. Also, readers said, these car washes happen to fall on particularly warm afternoons. For students, stripping down to their bikini tops, short shorts or Speedos was a way to keep cool.

Last year, after the first bikini car wash hit the blogosphere (“High school girls gone Lolita (?) at Walnut Creek car wash”), I contacted Northgate High Principal John McMorris.

He told me that students at school fundraisers must adhere to a dress code–“shorts, shirt, etc.” I didn’t think he was talking about bikini tops, short shorts and Speedos.

What was interesting about presenting this debate was soon learning that the bikini car wash fundraiser is something of a phenomenon in contemporary suburban culture. Enough that the hit musical TV show Glee had fun with the phenomenon by featuring a song and dance number, set at a car wash fundraiser for the fictional McKinley High Shool Glee Club. And, yes, cheerleaders were involved. And, yes, the cheerleaders were in their bikini tops and short little skirts.

22 thoughts on “What Do You Think of Tiny Swim Suit Attire for High School Car Wash Fundraisers?

  1. Someone needs to contact the NGH Principal and send the photo's. I do remember his saying this and if his students can't follow the school rules, then they should not be allowed to play. Break rules, face the consequences.

    I have polo players and as their parent, I would not condone this behavior. If they were punished then I would support the punishment.

    Kids today have to know there are rules and consequences for not following the rules.

    This appears to be a blatant in your face, arrogant stance. Sorry boys, did not stop because of this behavior. I applaud your working hard but at the same time, disturbed you did this AGAIN.


  2. 2 thoughts:
    1. I don't think you can stop teenagers from revealing their bodies when the entire culture reinforces extreme exhibitionism.
    2. I don't think anyone is going to be motivated to spend $5 on a car wash just by the sight of adolescent abs and booties if the car does not need washing.


  3. I tried car washes with a couple of teens groups, not perhaps with these teens. Unfortunately, the teens did not quite get how to do the job completely and the parents tried to finish it without success.

    Seems better to just give them a couple of bucks and wash the car myself.


  4. This is not a commentary about the prudishness of some people in society. However, having teenage girls in skimpy bikinis is clearly using sex to sell car washes. The entire principle behind it is exploiting teenage girls for monetary gain. Similarly, having teenage boys in skimpy speedos is also trying to use sex to sell car washes.

    This is a fundraiser. People should give money to help out good causes just because it is a good cause. There should be no hidden motives such as driving up to see practically naked teenagers.

    We have turned fundraisers into cutthroat businesses where all they care about is making as much money as they can by any means.

    It is embarrassing for many people to patronize such an exploitative business. Yes, these fundraisers have turned into businesses. I would be embarrassed to show up to a car wash and have my car washed by underage teens that are being exploited for sex appeal.

    The organization's reputation is also tarnished by this exploitation.

    Why create controversy in the first place? They could have simply held a normal car wash with people in their regular summer clothing such as shorts and t-shirts. However, they chose to wear provocative clothing.

    Negative press gets around, and while some won't be offended, some other people will be offended. A tarnished reputation is something that is not easily repaired and the animosity will linger for a long time. People create conflict when you don't need to. It is such a waste. When you alienate one group, you could lose their monetary support for life.


  5. Why doesn't Crazy cover other school fundraisers last weekend, such as the Northgate March-A-Thon (wearing wool suits) or the Walnut Festival Run For Education (how revealing were their running clothes?). It's a shame the State doesn't fund our schools adequately, making all these fundraisers necessary. It's a shame that most of Walnut Creek is in Mt. Diablo school district which can't pass any parcel tax and which has cancelled all after-school sports. It's a shame that the Northgate water polo teams have to drive to Moraga to practice because they don't have access to a nearby swimming pool. It's a shame that Crazy is attacking them.


  6. Whoa 7:51 am – I don't think Crazy is attacking anyone. Why so defensive? There are all kinds of ways to make money for youth programs. And yes, too bad we need to do this at all. But, is the nearly-nude teen really an acceptable sales tactic?


  7. Anon 2:14 am

    You should be sleeping at 2:14 rather than trying make this so much more complicated than it was.

    The boys did not think that by wearing their speedos on the corner that they would attract more customers. They thought it was funny. Plain and simple. In addition, it got them in the news last year and at 15 that is pretty “cool.”

    All this talk of exploitation and cutthroat business… Ykes! You are not even close to understanding what was going on on Sunday.

    Please don't try to take a harmless fundraiser that included some comic relief and turn it into a political agenda. That is just not what it was!


  8. Football players from Clayton Valley High were selling coupon cards and were wearing their football jerseys. Concord High Band kids march in their uniforms to raise money. Why shouldn't the water polo team wear their uniform to raise money?

    How about the damn state start funding schools as much as they fund prisons?


  9. How incredibly dense are you? The football team doesn't wear speedos. The marching band doesn't wear speedos. The water polo teams wear speedos in the pool and pool area. As outrageous as it is, the subject of school funding is another matter. Admit it, you just want to see skin to satisfy yourself…, pathetic…


  10. The Las Lomas cheerleaders had a car wash up near Rossmoor, and they dressed appropriately. In shorts and t-shirts. And they made a lot of money, too. To the person who says these kids don't do a very good job, and the parents have to finish up, I noticed that as well. I guess not many of us have taught our kids how to wash a car.


  11. I think it is SAD that parents are willing to allow their children to SALE their bodies so they do not have to work. I think it is SICK some of the comments I have seen on here. These are children!!!! SHAME on you both parents and Perverts. It wouldn't be so cute to you all if it was a 9 or 10 year old girl dressed like that out there. No wonder you have so many RAPEs in Walnut Creek. SICK SICK SICK. Shame on you. and Yes as an Adult and a Parent I can prevent my child from wearing something like this. To teach your CHILDREN to just say NO you have to DO IT yourself. And you bet there were some pretty sick people getting their cars washed.


  12. I didn't want to comment on such a non-issue, but Anon 10:36 really hits my nerve.

    He/She says “No wonder you have so many RAPEs in Walnut Creek.”

    What you are saying is that it is the rape victims fault for being raped. You are sick, sick, sick.


  13. No Not saying it is the RAPE victims fault. I was Raped as a child. What I am saying is when you provoke perverts they will take it out on any one that comes along that they find available at the time. It is not the victims fault but we should not exploit our children to provoke behaviors. Just like you would not take an alcoholic into a bar, or drop a drug attic off in an open Pharmacy why would you send your children into the streets for child molesters to look at. It is just the same thing only a rapist or molester WILL find a victim to get their fix. Trust me I know!!!


  14. I'm really sorry that you yourself were a victim of rape. But I do disagree with you. There is no need to make excuses for rapists.

    Following your logic then how about people in swimwear at a beach? Also isn't a alcoholic free to go into a bar at any time?

    And by the way I do think latest thinking on this subject anyhow is that rape is much less a sexual crime than a crime of power and dominance.


  15. My kids swim for the Aquabears. Speedos are just men's swimsuits. Bikinis maybe not; however, I don't have a problem with one-pieces — even those worn for competitive swimming (all of which will be TIGHT). I, personally, don't find swimwear offensive.


  16. 10:36,

    Men don't rape because girls wear bikinis. If that were true, you wouldn't be able to allow men on beaches anywhere. Rape is not about sex — it's about violence. Your statement would lead to accusations that the victim was at fault because she wore a bikini.


  17. So if a pervert is video taping your child's soccer game cause he wants to get his jolly's people are offended? You are told to contact local authorities to report such behaviors but if he is video taping your teenage developed daughter bent over in a swim suit washing his car well thats all for the money and we are willing to allow that to support our schools… OK now I get it! Sounds logical as long as they are getting paid.


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