Indecent exposure: Have you ever been on the receiving end?


I earlier reported on that other site I’m in charge of, Walnut Creek Patch, that an Oakland parolee was arrested Sunday afternoon on suspicion of exposing himself to a woman in the stairwell leading out of the Barnes and Noble Booksellers underground garage.

I know that underground garage. It’s narrow, confined, smells of gas fumes, and feels dark, even though it’s fairly well lit. It’s two floors deep. I can’t imagine how unsettling it would be to have someone confront you in that garage, as Walnut Creek police say this man did to a woman. He followed her into the stairwell and exposed himself.

The man, Muhammad Akmed Magbool, was on parole for robbery and had a “significant criminal history.” He led police on a bit of a pursuit through downtown, from the book store to the top floor of a parking garage three blocks away.
My experience wasn’t as scary as this woman’s was. She must have felt trapped in that garage.
It happened back when we were living in San Francisco. I would get up early before work and walk a few blocks to a gym to work out. That morning, the sky was a light purple, with the sun coming up, but the streets were still fairly empty of cars or other people out walking. Even usually busy Geary Street was pretty quiet.

I was walking along Geary Street, when this car pulled up alongside me. I could see it out of the corner of my eye–it was maybe a 1980s red American-model sedan. I heard a voice call out to me, a man’s voice, maybe asking for something. Directions?

I didn’t slow my pace but I glanced over in the man’s direction. He was sitting behind the wheel of his car with his penis out, stroking it. The look on his face was imploring, as in, please look at me, look at it. Please pay attention.

I wasn’t scared. I was on a public street, a major San Francisco thoroughfare, and I could run right back home to safety.

I also wasn’t that grossed out. I just shook my head and muttered “pathetic” and kept walking, at a slightly quicker pace. I remember thinking, I don’t want to give him the satisfaction of thinking he’d upset me.

The car drove off, and I didn’t even get a good description of the car, and I didn’t catch the license plate. I thought, I could report it. I should have, I guess. But I also thought, this is San Francisco. The cops in this town might have better things to do than to go after someone like him.

11 thoughts on “Indecent exposure: Have you ever been on the receiving end?

  1. In Psychology, we learned that the best way to deal with people who indecently expose themselves is to not react to them. These individuals thrive on getting a shocked reaction. When we react in shock, it reinforces their behavior. You did the right thing.

    Many of these people have mental disorders such as bipolar disorder. They often have uncontrollable and inappropriate sexual desires and urges to expose themselves. Bipolar disorder is easily treated with lithium. It is a naturally occurring salt. Often many of these individuals refuse to take their medication due to the euphoric high that comes with their mental illness.


  2. I also was on the receiving end as a 14 year old girl in Alameda. I was grossed out but never thought to report it. I had no idea it was a crime, just thought he was a weirdo. I don't think I even told my parents.


  3. Yes I was. Traveling down Treat when a man kept slowing down preventing me from changing lanes. My 5 year old in backseat and I both got to see him stroking his goods and making vulgar tongue movements. At first I thought “what a moron” and sped away. Then I got smart, slowed down, and followed him closely until I got his plate. A few months later he did it a few more times but women only got partial plates. Long story short, he was prosecuted. I'm glad he was b/c he needs help. Who knows when showing his penis will no longer provide a big enough thrill and he'll have to move up to something more shocking.


  4. as long as you dont report it ,they can keep ''getting away with it'' do u really want to be uninvolved? when did we get so jaded a man exposing himself to women and children be ok. please report it so they will be caught and stopped.


  5. Feel like it is everywhere, this freak approached us at Children's Place that same morning, he seemed clearly very mentally disturbed. This in a year, in which one of our friend's husbands was arrested for indecent exposure


  6. i was 10, walking to meet my friend.
    he asked me for directions.
    i didn't really know how to give directions, then realized he was stroking himself. i ran.
    it's something that has never left me. not something a 10 year old should ever have to witness.


  7. Oh my GOD… it's a – PENIS! The horror, THE HORROR!!!! Sweet Jesus, DELIVER US!!!

    Women need to get over this “victim of exposure” nonsense. My reaction is to laugh – it's just a dangling schlong, for christsake – and if some creep tries to get physical, I've got a clear shot to his groin.


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