What is MDUSD thinking, transferring a Walnut Creek elementary school principal

Posted this on Walnut Creek Patch a little bit ago. The Mount Diablo Unified School District has an idea to transfer some elementary school principals–including the very popular principal of Bancroft Elementary school, Linda Schuler. She would go to Valle Verde, which has a vacancy…

I’m really scratching my head over this idea. Claycord published a letter from the Parent Faculty Club president…

4 thoughts on “What is MDUSD thinking, transferring a Walnut Creek elementary school principal

  1. People sometimes get stuck in a routine. Maybe it's a strategy to introduce new ideas or motivate the staff.


  2. What is the MDUSD thinking? Failed Parcel Taxes, questionable Bond Measures, shady dealings, financial mismanagement. Who pays? The kids and the teachers pay the price. What an embarrassment.


  3. Mrs. Schuler is a very effective principal and Bancroft didn't want to lose her. It's interesting because Bancroft is a 9-star-rated school and Valle Verde is a 10-star. It was kind of a move “up” for her I guess. But it would have been tough for Bancroft to deal with a new leader when she's done such a good job motivating students and being very involved in school fundraising efforts. Disclosure: my son attends Bancroft. It's a very nice school with a lot of mixed-income backgrounds and very involved parents.


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