Measure C wins, Gus Kramer keeps his job, and David Livingston is elected our new sheriff

Mount Diablo Unified School District’s Measure C bond passed with 61 percent of the vote, clearing the 55-percent hurdle it needed to win. Thirty-nine percent of voters said no.

Meanwhile, Gus Kramer will be keeping his job as Contra Costa County Assessor, winning 55 percent of the vote. Mark Peterson was is ahead in the District Attorney’s race, but not by a majority. He will face a November runoff against his rival, Dan O’Malley.
David Livingston was elected Sheriff with 56 percent of the vote.

See more specifics on the Measure C race here on Walnut Creek Patch, and on these other Contra Costa County races here.

11 thoughts on “Measure C wins, Gus Kramer keeps his job, and David Livingston is elected our new sheriff

  1. And what's wrong with that! Check it out, it's a great site. We all just have to register, so we can comment. I tried the registration, it wasn't so bad. Yes, we have to give an e-mail address, but unless you are writing something illegal, it can not be traced so we are all still anonymous. Oh, go ahead and take the plunge. If we all go, we can have our great conversations over there.



  2. Read it here at the patch, read it here at the patch. I agree with the previous post, and the patch is nothing special.
    This blog was fun because it was one local giving her opinions, it felt personal. Now I will probably just start reading the Contra Costa paper online.


  3. I agree that the Patch should not try to compete with the CCtimes. We do not go to the patch or Crazy for that kind of news. Forget trying to report on election stuff, or up to the min. news, etc.

    It is the very local stuff that is interesting. The personal, as previous writer commented. Know your purpose and keep it focused, simple. Do what made Crazy soar.


  4. It's great to have the choices! I'm thankful for Crazy and the patch. Now about that damn library, can't wait til it opens!


  5. Generally, I find reading this blog, WCPatch, Claycord, KCBS & other locals, CNBC, and CNN/Fox keeps me well informed on current events/issues.

    I have become extremely disappointed in CC Times' content that I finally let my subscription lapse. Good riddance.


  6. SM – I realize you might be busy and all but can you fix the title of this thread?

    The typo, well, sort of negatively reflects on the blog's credibility.



  7. Fixed the title… Thanks Anon 12:27. Even if I'm busy, I should not allow such errors to make it into headlines!

    And, yes, sometimes I'm just going to point you to Patch. I work for Patch, and I do a lot of Walnut Creek stories for my employer. I can't take Patch material and put it on here, and I wouldn't want to repeat it anyway. Some of what I write for Patch is often what I'd write for this blog, so I'm directing you to it. Also, with Patch, I have other writers who contribute stories that you also might be interested in if you're following Walnut Creek issues. So, I point you to that. Other things I write? That I feel as Walnut Creek Patch's editor wouldn't work on Patch, those will wind up here.


  8. Dear More Readers,
    Thanks for your comments. If you're finding WC Patch to be of service to you, I'm glad. Within that framework, I'm trying to provide that to Walnut Creek and Crazy readers. It's different. It's a work in progress, and I'm trying to balance WC Patch and this blog.
    Dear 10:24,
    That's nice of what you said about Crazy. You know, I never was quite sure what made it good. I'd try things, and I'd know some posts resonated more than others. If you have any more thoughts on what works on Crazy on what doesn't work, but what would also work on Walnut Creek Patch–my new baby–and what doesn't work, please let me know.


  9. well, I think at least put a link to Patch on your link list. Personally, if possible, I'd register with a fake email.

    Other blogs worth reading instead of the CCTimes which is left then right then left again

    Halfway to Concord
    East Bay Daze
    Mister Writer
    Richmond Confidential


  10. Why would anyone simply want to regurgitate what another blogger has on his/her blog? SM does it. The Mayor refers folks to SM's blog. It's more like a network than anything else. IMO, we get the best coverage that way.


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