Any recommendations for a good program to learn conversational Japanese, Russian?

A while back, I wrote about how we were trying to figure out what my son could do this summer.

You made some great suggestions, including the City of Walnut Creek’s Arts, Adventures & Academics (AAA) Summer Camp–which will be offered this summer and, it is hoped, continued through alternative sources of funding.

My son was adamant about taking a summer off–after seven summers of attending some kind of summer camp.

So, we’ll let him. Hey, maybe he’ll help me out with Walnut Creek Patch, go along on some age-appropriate assignments with me, shoot some video even.

The one thing we wanted to do, together, was take a language class. But the adult education classes don’t allow kids. They make exceptions for high school students, but that’s it.

The problem–or the cool thing, depending on your perspective–is that he’s interested in learning Japanese, and Russian.

Las Lomas High, which he will attend, offers Japanese. But he wants to get a head start. I was up for trying Japanese. It would be the second Asian language, after Thai, that I’ve studied.

I was also keen on Russian. I took a UC Berkeley Extension class in Russian–after I went to what was then the Soviet Union in 1986.

So, I guess we might have to do some private language program, or a software program, or CDs…

If anyone has any recommendations along these lines, I’d appreciate it.

And, yeah, leave it to me to have the kid who doesn’t want to go for the usual foreign language suspects–Spanish, French, or even German.

7 thoughts on “Any recommendations for a good program to learn conversational Japanese, Russian?

  1. Visit a Japanese bookstore. We had to drive to San Jose for a really nice one. Maybe you know of some closer to here?

    And, remember the Japanese festival every year in August on Treat Blvd. in Concord. We've never been yet – for one reason or another – but I understand it is a great experience, fun, food, Japanese culture. (Ava's grandma is Japanese, so we should try and go someday too.)


  2. I took Japanese in college and struggled a bit. I got a tutor over the summer and she really helped. Maybe that's an idea?

    Even though it's hard, Japanese IS a great language. Good luck to you both!


  3. SM,
    Please eliminate with prejudice the racist posting on June 4th, 11:49 pm.
    This “person” has been polluting local blogs regularly. Psychiatric treatment is needed for this bigot.


  4. Hello, Anna:
    I would love to help you and your son to explore and learn Russian Language and introduce you to Russian Culture.
    I live in Walnut Creek, and if you are interested, send me an email.


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