The Walnut Creek Library: It’s Coming Soon … And other news I’ve been covering on that other site

You can read on Walnut Creek Patch, that other site I edit, a timeline and overview of the construction of the new downtown library, which is set to open on July 17. Check out: “Patch Primer: The New Downtown Library is Coming Soon, and It’s Been A Long, Interesting Journey.”

The author is Robert Taylor, formerly of the
Contra Costa Times.

I know this library project been a hot topic on this blog. As I’ve said before, I was neutral on the new library project, and, as a resident of the unincorporated area, I didn’t vote in any of the elections–and didn’t pay all that much attention to them. So Robert’s overview was useful to me.

I know a lot of you are experts on this topic. Feel free to go Walnut Creek Patch and share what you know and what you think. You don’t have to use your real name when you register to post comments.

Also on Walnut Creek Patch this morning:

A Special Memorial Day Service in Walnut Creek Honors Those Who Fought in America’s “Forgotten War”: Walnut Creek’s Memorial Day service Monday paid tribute to America’s fallen soldiers while helping some of us remember what many regard as 20th century America’s “forgotten” war.
Talking Broadway and “Into the Woods” with Northgate High Drama Alum Broadway didn’t say no to Ryan Weible. He said no to it. Now, the Northgate High alum and San Ramon Valley High teacher is doing the kind of theater he loves, including a new take on Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods” opening June 4 at the Lesher Center.
Class Sizes at Walnut Creek School District Campuses Won’t Get Bigger, But Other Cuts Coming Despite budget cuts, class sizes in the Walnut Creek School District to remain the same.

Summer Fun in the City There may still be two weeks of school, but we say summer fun starts today. Want something to do in the Creek besides take in latest blockbuster at the Century 14? Check out these top picks for fun, cultural, outdoorsy or family events June-August.

9 thoughts on “The Walnut Creek Library: It’s Coming Soon … And other news I’ve been covering on that other site

  1. Sorry I will be unavailable on July 17th to help 'celebrate' the GRAND opening of the damn library and the demise of prudent spending by the City Council in Walnut Creek.

    I will be home protecting my property from the bad guys because we do not have enough police officers to adequately cover all of our town. I might also be helping school children safely cross busy streets to get to school. Or just maybe I might take some time off just to ride the 'free' cute trolleys that some paid guru has declared as a 'brand' identity for my home town. Or I might be volunteering at Lindsay Museum to help with their shortfall. And on and on and on.


  2. Sorry…I am not available either. It makes me sick every time I drive by that damn library. I say “boycott” the library and use the internet like everyone else who is not on the Library commission. Seriously, it's 2010 not 1910. I can tell you that I will not be taking my kids there, or eating lunch, or using the damn coffee bar. What a total waist of money.


  3. What in the world was wrong with the OLD library?

    By the way, it's spelled “waste”…, not “waist”… LOL!


  4. No matter what you think of the decision to build this “bigger and better than anyone else's” library, it's here and we should take advantage of and enjoy it.

    Still haven't decided whether I'll be strollin through Neiman Marcus. The type of consumerism it represents is offensive to me. But the library is “affordable” to all.


  5. 11:20 am….

    The Library is “affordable” to all? HA!

    Not affordable at all when so much money is spent on one project and other essential services programs have to suffer because the coffers are empty.

    Affordable, possibly because you don't have to pay a fee to use it.

    Not affordable when extra funds are needed in 2 years to keep it open more than a minimum number of hours each

    The type of consumerism which you find so offensive at least will help to pay the bills so that Walnut Creek once again may someday have a truly balanced budget.


  6. What are some of the other prgrams that have suffered because so much was spent for the New Library?

    The new Library is somewhat affordable, in addition to overdue fees, you'll have to pay for parking, which is limited to 2 hours so check'em out fast and no on-site reading, save that for Barnes & Noble.
    How was the Library paid for? Were bonds sold that Walnut Creek residents have to pay-off via a property tax assesment?


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