Walnut Creek man arrested in 2006 murder of grandfather and attempted murder of grandmother

The Lamorinda Blogger, EastBayDaze, let me know about a post he recently published about a 37-year-old Lafayettte gas station attendant, who lives in Walnut Creek, who was arrested in the last week on suspicion of killing his grandfather and trying to kill his grandmother.

Marlon Williams, 37, of Walnut Creek, worked at a Lafayette gas station,filling the tanks of police cruisers and engaging in conversation with officers–“going so far as to buy coffee an officer while the officer’s car was serviced,” according the EastBayDaze.

So plenty of people were stunned when Federal Marshals arrived in Lafayette to arrest the “friendly” and “engaging” Williams last week. He had been wanted for the murder of his grandfather and attempted murder of his grandmother during a car-to-car shootout in Lenoir County, North Carolina in 2006, according to EastBayDaze.

EastBayDaze says that Lafayette police assisted with the arrest and booked Williams into the county jail in Martinez, where the service station worker is currently being held without bail on a fugitive arrest warrant pending extradition. The U.S. Marshal’s office said Williams has a prior arrest for armed robbery.

“By all accounts, he was just an average guy, working in Lafayette. Or so we thought,” Chief Mike Hubbard told East Bay Daze. “When they showed our officers the photo of the suspect the officers immediately recognized the man. The same man who had pumped our gas…”

EastBayDaze further reports that the Marshal’s Office had been looking for Williams for some time, initially following him to Atlanta, Georgia before his trail “went cold.”

2 thoughts on “Walnut Creek man arrested in 2006 murder of grandfather and attempted murder of grandmother

  1. Murderers look just like everyone else. There is a psychological condition called anti-social personality disorder. These people are also known as psychopaths.

    At first they seem charming and harmless. However, they are prone to pathological lying, shameless manipulation of others, and other insidious acts. They are unable to feel for others, and only look out for themselves.

    Trust is earned, not given away. Psychopaths are rare, but they are out there. It is best to evaluate every person on a case by case basis and never let your guard down. Treat people nicely, but be aware that a small percentage of people might be putting on a fake persona.


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