Three Oakland residents arrested in gas station robbery

Walnut Creek police arrested three people from Oakland early Sunday, including a 17-year-old boy, on suspicion of strong-arming a clerk at the Shell Gas station on North Main Street.

Lt. Bryan Hill said that at about 1:55 a.m. an officer on patrol saw the clerk involved in a struggle with two people inside the station’s food mart. The officer broke up the struggle and arrested those two people, and detained two others who were with them.

Police subsequently learned that the two had just stolen several cartons of cigarettes and had returned to steal more when the clerk tried to stop them. As the clerk was dealing with those two, a third went ahead and stole the cigarettes. That’s when the officer intervened.

The clerk was not injured, and police determined that the fourth person in the group was not involved in the thefts. 

The two adults arrested were Ivan Nesby, 32, and Ethel Hands, 25. They were booked into County Jail in Martinez. The 17-year-old boy was booked into Juvenile Hall. 

21 thoughts on “Three Oakland residents arrested in gas station robbery

  1. Sad to say, but an element of Oakland views BART as an ATM machine to get to the cash here in suburbia. Warning – don't be so politically correct that you're an easy mark!


  2. Why the arrest? it's just Wealth Redistribution…

    No No I got It– It's Robin Hood– Take from the rich and give to the poor…

    Libs are a funny lot you reap whatcha sow here..



  3. Good work WCPD. It sure is nice to live in an area with a top notch police department. And good work to you SM. This story is nowhere to be found on the Contra Costa Times Webpage.


  4. 3:31

    What are Bible Guns? What would someone shoot with a Bible Gun? Does shooting Bible Guns help you keep your wonderful Money?

    Happy Tea Bags. 🙂


  5. 3:57 PM take (balls) tea bags out of your mouth long enough to realize its the Koons man… And why dont you just give them your money

    Wealth Redistribution

    Just because the guy didn't place a comma , between bible & guns you are more then aware of what they were trying to say


  6. 3:57 PM you are a Schmuck

    Schmuck is most often used in American English as a pejorative or insult, meaning an obnoxious, contemptible person; one who is stupid, foolish, or detestable.

    Variants of spelling and alterations include shmuck, schmo and shmo.

    Schmuck entered English as a borrowed pejorative from the common Yiddish insult, where it is an obscene term for penis.[


  7. Thanks 4:08 pm!

    You have revealed your bigotry. Does it feel good to be out of the closet?

    I know that some crimes are perpetrated by people you hate because of their ethnicity, race, religion, etc.

    I had to live a large part of my life absolutely surrounded by people like you. Now you are just another local minority. I can live with that if someone doesn't mortally wound me with a Bible Gun.

    FYI, I look like a normal run-of-the-muck schmuck, so you might have to shoot your Bible Guns at a lot of people to hit me.

    But be careful – WCPD is always watching out for bad guys and they are well-trained indeed.


  8. Hello all,

    This is so much fun!

    I'm sitting out on the patio watching the afternoon wildlife on a beautiful day while the bigots are loading their Bible Guns in their musty, moldy bunkers and seething with their rage.

    Teabaggers sont amusant, n'est pas?!


  9. Um…wow…

    1) No mention of race was made in the news report.
    2) The level of hate on all sides of the fence in this city saddens me.
    3) Imagine if all the energy put into fighting one another were put into solving a real problem. Man we could accomplish a lot!


  10. FWIW, I never read the Claycord blog because of the level of bigotry and racism that I see in the comments. Really hadn't seen it here. Wish I could still say that.


  11. 7:59,

    There was no comma between Bible and Guns in the post from 3:31pm. Go check it out. I interpreted correctly.

    Anyway it was all in good fun.

    Y'all keep enjoying your dang teabags 🙂

    3:57 pm


  12. And here again we are reminded why the establishment in Walnut Creek will never take this audience seriously…


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