Going, going … David M. Brian store is coming down to make way for Neiman Marcus

It looks like something from Land of the Lost, but it’s a giant excavator, knocking down and chewing up the former David M. Brian store to make room for–you know what–Neiman Marcus. 
The demolition started Thursday and will continue through June 4.  The entire 32,000-square-foot building is going to go, and the adjacent sidewalk will be closed off most days, but will be open nights and weekends. Part of the lane next to the construction site was also closed Friday.

Broadway Plaza will turn over the site to Neiman Marcus, which aims for a spring 2012 opening.

Meanwhile, anyone remember shopping in this soon-to-be-gone building when it was JC Penney?

8 thoughts on “Going, going … David M. Brian store is coming down to make way for Neiman Marcus

  1. I don't remember when it was JC Penney, but I *DO* remember when it re-opened as a McCaulous when I was in about 7th or 8th grade, and I was BEYOND excited to attend the grand opening!

    Of course this was in the 80s when McCaulou's was THE source for Izod and Ralph Lauren Polo shirts, before it became the Lillian Vernon-knockoff paradise it seems to be today.


  2. The graphic of the new NM on the fence is very retro sixtyish. I like it. It will match Macy's which is a cool building too.


  3. I remember well the JC Penney – especially the shoe section when I was a kid. The Sears was where Crate and Barrel is, which later became Joseph Magnin. The Sears was just leaving for Sun Valley I think somewhere between 1967 and 1970.


  4. Do you remember the “tube” system that took cash from the clerks up to the office and then sent the change back down to the clerk? Loved it as a kid.


  5. Definitely remember JC Penney, the dry cleaners, the maternity shop, the Woolworths, et al from the 70's when you could still drive into the circle that is now CPK, etc. and park right in front of the stores. That was even before Bullocks, which was the original tenant at the current Nordstrom.


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