Who ARE those kids?

Whatever happened to them? Wait! I feel like they could be in a scene from Annie Hall, you know popping out of their photos to tell us, maybe, like how happy and successful they are … And speaking of an Annie Hall reference, don’t you like the teacher’s wife-of-an-astronaut hair-do? Finally, see if you can pick out the cute boy who always got in trouble but who all the girls had crushes on…

13 thoughts on “Who ARE those kids?

  1. No, second row and second from the right. And I bet the boy next to her is the cute one aways in trouble.

    Dakota Soul


  2. Clever idea! And what fun.

    Are you really one of the kids, SM? Just whisper your answer to me – I won't tell…


  3. Wait they had pictures in 1970? Wow, photography is alot older than I thought.

    If anyone in this picutre is actually Soccer mom then I am impressed. I didn't think ancient old people blogged.


  4. Class size: the figures show that this year the first grade class size at Parkmead is 19, the pictures show a class of 17. That's an 11% increase, not such a huge deal to my way of thinking. Funny how actual facts can be useful instead of just believing the hype.

    Look at:


    and find lots of useful facts..


  5. Still have my First Grade class photo from Parkmead (1964-65)- almost identical to this one. Same photo of Mr. Sloan. Teacher: Mrs. Pachaud (sp?)I think that's Jeff Jones, lower right corner.

    Yes YYZ, that is the actual class size back when you could get an actual education. (btw, can't wait for another Sheboygan loaded!)


  6. SM that pic is outstanding and reminds me of mine at Buena Vista Elementary back in the day. Our third grade teach, Mrs. Reading, was supposedly Ms. Walnut Creek, and us boys always paid attention in her class.


  7. I was in Kindergarten that year at Parkmead, so I missed you by one year. Spent half of first grade there before going over to Alamo School when my parents moved to Livorna. Thanks for the memories!


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