Burglar hits Diablo magazine offices again and for the fifth time

Diablo’s IT guy Alex Ackerman says the company, which publishes Diablo magazine, Diablo Arts and other publications, has upped its security system after each break-in.  This time, the thief couldn’t get past the door, though he caused pretty heavy damage to it. 

6 thoughts on “Burglar hits Diablo magazine offices again and for the fifth time

  1. I saw the IT guy on the tube. I may feel some sympathy but for goodness sake whoever is in charge of security should have been fired a long time ago. This is simply incompetence.


  2. How many of the break-ins have been successful?

    And why has this particular business been hit so many times? Seems odd.


  3. Maybe post his photo on Claycord. They have good luck at finding some of the scum in our neighborhoods.

    Ug! Well, if it is any consolation, over Christmas, a charity was robbed multiple times too. Wasn't it Chrismas for Everyone?

    All the toys were stolen from the warehouse, over and over and over. People continued to donate more toys to replace the stolen ones. Time after time, the robber struck again. People continued to donate to replace the toys. At some point, enough is enough!


  4. Hey Diablo-call the city council and ask why the police response time is so long. Could it be because the are fewer cops on the street? Maybe you can move into the library. You'll be safe there.


  5. SM, Just FYI-it is a burglary is a bilding is broken into and items are stolen. It is a robbery if things are taken from a person. A building cannot be robbed. Only people can be robbed.
    That is a bet peeve of mine.


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