Comment of the day: the difference between having sons and daughters

Of course, I get lots of great comments, so I hesitate to single one out, but this comment gave me a laugh as I was reading through the ones that came in overnight. It also seems to fit in somewhat with the sexual theme of the previous post–although that story deals with sexual activity amongst members of an older generation.

This comment came in response to my post asking parents whether they would ever allow their teens to rent hotel room to hang out in before and after senior ball.  The senior ball for Las Lomas High is coming up this weekend, and Principal Pat Lickiss suggested to parents that booking rooms for their kids was not a good idea.

After a parent talked about his or her concerns about having a daughter, another reader, Anon 11:27 p.m., shared his/her thoughts:

I am a parent of two boys. The way I see it I have two penises to worry about. You parents with daughters, I feel for you. You have to worry about [many] penises.”  

Good luck. 

6 thoughts on “Comment of the day: the difference between having sons and daughters

  1. Very funny!
    I have three daughters – two in high school. One of them is heading to the Campo prom this weekend. No hotel room, and she has to be home by 1 am (prom ends at midnight in SF). It is very challenging to keep young women safe, and, ultimately, it is up to them to make good, smart choices. But I feel that as parents we provide the framework and structure, including: no hotel rooms, reasonable curfews, appropriate clothes and make-up, etc.


  2. Yhoooo for 1:25 pm!

    We need more parents like you who makes rules and then enforce them.

    Even if you kids don't like the rules now, someday they WILL thank you (especially as they raise their own kids).

    Keep up the good work.


  3. Hey Mr. Penis, I told my two sons that if they got a girl pregnant, the girl – not the the boy – gets to decide whether or not to have the baby. “You could be paying child support for the rest of your life!” I told them. “Plus have the emotional burden of being a dad.”


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