Walnut Creek police raise $32,000 from head-shaving fundraiser

In all, 61 people made the big sacrifice of having their heads shaved last week to show solidarity with and to raise money for children with cancer. Their sacrifice paid off, as Walnut Creek Police Sgt. Lanny Edwards explains. Here is his update regarding last week’s event, organized by the Walnut Creek Police Department on behalf of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Take it away, Sergeant: 

“The Walnut Creek Police Department (WCPD) would like to thank the many men, women and children who came out in support of our first St Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser.  A total of sixty one heads were shaved on May 4th and over $32,000 raised for children’s cancer research.  St Baldrick’s personnel told us that for being a first time event, the size and amount raised was unbelievable.  WCPD is especially proud that ALL monies raised were a result of family and friends donating to a good cause.  There were no large corporate sponsorships and all items donated and services offered were from local businesses here in town and our surrounding cities.  Lastly, a huge thank you to the nine hair stylists that donated their time and efforts to make 61 people bald and countless other participants realize how fortunate we are to have our health.”

2 thoughts on “Walnut Creek police raise $32,000 from head-shaving fundraiser

  1. Way to go WCPD and all of those who participated by volunteering, donating and agreeing to be Shavees!

    A very positive experience for all who cared enough to join in.


  2. Praise to all how left hair on the ground, I hope you repeat the effort next year and do double the donations!


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