More restaurants hit the downtown scene

–Vesu on Locust Street is open.  People were sitting on bar stools in the front window, sipping cocktails and other drinks on Friday night. Vesu bills itself as a casual, stylish restaurant serving globally inspired small plates. According to the March issue of Diablo, its chef is Robert Sapirman, who was formerly the top chef at Bradley Ogden’s Parcel 104 in Santa Clara and Michael Mina’s Arcadia in San Jose.

–Get ready for another burger joint coming to Walnut Creek. No, it’s not In-N-Out, but another burger restaurant, like The Counter, that likes to boast of its fresh, quality ingredients.  This new burger place is The Habit Burger Grill, which is the first tenant to go into Centre Place, the retail and office complex under construction at South California and Olympic Boulevard.

Does anyone know The Habit? Any Santa Barbara/SoCal folks? The chain was started by two brothers in Santa Barbara more than 40 years ago. They caught the, um, wave of California beach culture, and became enamored of the taste and smell of charbroiled burgers. This burger restaurant distinguishes itself by serving charbroiled burgers and other beach-inspired fare: grilled albacore tuna sandwiches, which the restaurant’s website emphasizes are line-caught. For those keeping track, Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch rates line-caught albacore tuna as a “best choice.”

The Habit Burger Grill, which will also have outdoor dining, is seeking approval from Walnut Creek’s Design Review Commission this Wednesday to erect signs in front of its business.

11 thoughts on “More restaurants hit the downtown scene

  1. Off topic, but has anyone else noticed the total lack of setbacks at the new construction along California? It is being built two stories high right up to the sidewalk. Another canyon in WC. Plus, there is no consideration for bicycles along that route which is a commute route to BART. Another example of total disregard for the GP by our 'planning' department.


  2. Check out the Habit Burger nutritional link. This is a sodium palace. A burger on wheat bun with fries is just shy of RDA adult sodium intake for a day! Not a healthy alternative, especially for children.


  3. I agree with the two aforementioned comments. Can we get a bike route along California Blvd? No more greasy, salty, chemically-enhanced food and booze purveyors in town! Just say no to Carbo Creek!


  4. OMG can i just enjoy a hamburger every once in a while and not have the health/food police reminding me how horrible for me it is? SOoo annoying – and those who constantly have to spout this stuff have such a sense of self importance. When I eat a burger and fries (like maybe every other month, tops), I do so not because I think it is a healthy choice, but because it tastes FREAKING AWESOME!!!!


  5. I agree with Anon 2:44…the food police are so annoying.

    I for one am glad to see some regular food in WC.


  6. Can someone please verify if Bing's and McCovey's is going out of biz? I hear that they have not/can not or simply will not pay their vendors. Anyone have info on this?


  7. I would like to see more healthy quick eats in WC. And please no more asian restaurants that are not good. Do we need that many vietnamese restaurants? There isn't even a big vietnamese population in the area.

    We could use a good wood fired pizza place, a good mexican restuarant, a good american restaurant, and for the love of god, no more small plates restos. I thought that trend went out 2 years ago.


  8. 1:20 AM – I thought so too along with garlic mashed potatoes but there are those who continue to off ONLY that style of potato as though they had just invented them.


  9. The Habit is the best. They char cook their food. Yes, they have albacore, chicken and tri-tip beside burgers. The fries are good and the onion rings are the best. Shakes and cones as well. I love eating at the ones in Sac.Can't go wrong with a burger for $2.85


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