Wine bar supports local artists

I finally got to Artisan Wine Lounge on Bonanza Street a couple of weeks ago. I had been meaning to go after hearing about:

1) Its Enomatic wine pouring machine from Diablo magazine in its February “Ultra Premium, Single Barrel, Special Reserve, Extra Smooth Guide to Bars.” With this machine, says Diablo, you just “pick a wine you want to try, insert your card, put your glass under the spigot, et voilà.” 
2) Artisan’s Happy Hour deals Tuesday-Friday, 4 to 7 p.m. Glasses of beer, sangria, and red or white wine are $3-$4, and appetizers are $1-$2. 
3) Artisan’s support of local artists. 

Speaking of this third attribute, Artisan makes an effort to display the works of local artists on its walls. I know there are other restaurants, cafes, and bars that do this, but they should be doing it more!  Our community happens to be home to a fair number of artists with both talent and strong credentials. 

Through June 19, Artisan will display the works of Concord painter and textile artist, Gisele Kirschbaum. 

The German native attended a textile art school in West Berlin, before immigrating to the United States. 

Weaving was her first love, but she had to give it up due to limited vision. She says she decided to explore the art of watercolor through classes at Pleasant Hill Adult Education. 
More recently, she’s ventured into painting on silk, producing one-of-a-kind silk scarves in addition to framed art. SInce then, she’s exhibited her works in both the United States and Germany. 

Artisan is at 1633 Bonanza St., (925) 280-1633,

4 thoughts on “Wine bar supports local artists

  1. The place is great! The staff knows wine and the little plates at happy hour have been very tasty. Casual setting, nice couch.

    It's fun to try things by the taste.

    The art is well displayed.


  2. 9:12,

    “Pubic” art? I don't want to see public displays of that. We already have enough graffiti.

    If you mean public art, why should we restrict ourselves to local artists alone? That approach would close too many doors and would be, how you say, provincial.


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