Celebrate Earth Day in Walnut Creek’s Open Space

The world first began celebrating Earth Day in the early 1970s. Around that time, residents of Walnut Creek decided to show their own concern for nature and the environment–on a local scale–by campaigning to save some of our grass- and oak-covered hills from development. These residents worked to have Walnut Creek voters agree to set aside 2,500 rolling acres for open space.
Walnut Creek now has six open space areas, some of which will become the center Saturday for Earth Day celebrations, sponsored by the city Parks and Open Space department and and the Walnut Creek Open Space Foundation.

Here are all the activities planned for Saturday:

8 a.m. The day begins with a trail construction service project at the Bayberry Drive entrance to Lime Ridge Open Space. Volunteers will be creating a connector trail from Bayberry Pond to the Savannah Trail in North Lime Ridge. Registration starts at 8 a.m., and the group will work until noon. Participants must be over 16 and pre-registration is required. Register by e-mail to simmons@walnut-creek.org.

9 a.m. City staff and the Walnut Creek Open Space Foundation will lead a bird walk out of Borges Ranch in Shell Ridge. The walk will include visiting habitat restoration areas that the foundation has completed to the benefit of wildlife and humans alike. Information on watchable wildlife opportunities in the Open Space will be shared. Pre-registration is not required.

Noon: Bring your family and picnic basket to the Hanna Grove picnic area at Shell Ridge for a community picnic. We will be celebrating the volunteer spirit of Walnut Creek and the opportunity to spend the day together in nature. No registration is required.

3 to 5 p.m. Environmental education activities for children will be conducted at Howe Homestead Park on Walnut Boulevard from 3 to 5 p.m. These activities will be appropriate for children in second through sixth grade. Pre-registration is required. Register by e-mail to dollard@walnut-creek.org.

7 p.m. Finish up at the Sugarloaf Open Space, where staff will lead a campfire program under the stars.  No registration is required.

For more information on Earth Day activities, e-mail dollard@walnut-creek.org.
You can also visit the Walnut Creek Open Space Foundation’s website or Facebook page.

9 thoughts on “Celebrate Earth Day in Walnut Creek’s Open Space

  1. I'd like to protect the open space by hunting the feral pigs.

    Feral pigs are an invasive species and uproot native plants, cause erosion, and displace native animals. Boars will also charge humans if threatened.


  2. Soccer Mom and others: The Environmental Education activities for children scheduled for Howe Homestead has been canceled due to low registration. We'll have these activities at our Heritage Day in June and Harvest Festival in October. Sorry for any disappointment.


  3. Ranger Nancy,
    That's too bad.
    We need to do something to boost interest in Howe Homestead park.

    Actually, you know what? I have NEVER been there. I've walked/jogged/driven by it, but I've always been curious.

    There are so many wonderful places in Walnut Creek I've NEVER been to…


  4. Sounds like more “Al Gore” style indoctrination of our youth to me. Happy to see that children's activities have been canceled for now.


  5. Anon 8:25 p.m.
    You sound like a pathetic, angry person. I believe the Howe Homestead programs include some history and some introduction to local environment. That sounds really dangerous and scary to me.


  6. Anon 8:25,

    Per capita, we have more Open Space in Walnut Creek than any place in California except Palo Alto.

    Walnut Creek had the first City Open Space Rangers in the country.
    The leaders that brought this to be were not from a narrow-minded political group; they represented a broad sampling of our community.

    Let me give you some names: Selma King, Joann Hanna, Bob Jasperson, Bob Pond, Bob Wisecarver, Dick Daniel, Ralph Kraetsch, Audrey Bramhall, Lesley & Bill Hunt and Hardy Miller, among many others. If you can find a political conspiracy among this group, you are a genius, indeed.

    Let's thank the people that started this effort by continuing with our own work to preserve our Open Space.


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  8. Why can't these climate change fanatics just leave our kids alone? Have these people even heard of what happened at East Anglia?

    These climate changer people are like the worst cult in the world. Sorry but people are done drinking your kool-aid.


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