Bank of the West hit again by robbers

No, these hooded figures are not images of Death but robbers who held up the Bank of the West on North California Boulevard Tuesday. This is the second time in about three months that this bank has been hit by a robbery.
Sgt. Roman Martinez released this information about the holdup:
At about 9:38 a.m. two men in hoodies–the outfit of choice for bank robbers–entered the bank. One was armed with a black semiautomatic pistol. The robbers approached the tellers and demanded money. They fled the bank with an undisclosed amount of money towards North California Boulevard.

The robbers are described as black males, both with thin builds. The one with the pistol was wearing a gray long-sleeved sweatshirt and black gloves. The other was wearing a black sweatshirt, black jeans, black shoes, and black gloves.

Anyone with information on this robbery should call the Walnut Creek police department at (925) 943-5844.

7 thoughts on “Bank of the West hit again by robbers

  1. The bank's money is insured. Whenever the bank is robbed, the FDIC pays the bank the amount of money stolen. So the taxpayers pick up the bill whenever a bank is robbed. The bank has no incentive to safeguard the money at all.

    This is outrageous. Big greedy banks don't care about the safety of customers' money. What if a customer is killed during a robbery? The bank doesn't care.

    Banks should be be required by law to take action to prevent robberies and protect the safety of their customers. This would include bullet proof glass, security guards, and security entrances with metal detectors.

    Bank of the West is owned by a French company. They don't care about being robbed. American taxpayers pick up the bill. We should boycott foreign owned banks. They are taking profits back to their foreign homelands and draining money from the U.S. economy.

    The Union Bank on Contra Costa Blvd. has a security entrance that lets only one person in at a time. The person is scanned for weapons and once they are cleared, the door is unlocked.

    Hamilton Safe is the company that makes these security entrances.


  2. Anon 3:29 where do you get that the FDIC would cover bank robberies, or are you just making this up? In general banks have Hazard and Casualty insurance, which protects them against robberies and this has nothing to do with the FDIC. Second where do you get that the FDIC is funded by the tax payers? Again are you just making this up? The FDIC receives no Congressional appropriations – it is funded by premiums that banks and thrift institutions pay for deposit insurance.

    You know just because you can post anything on a blog it doesn't meant that you have to do so.


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