New cupcake shop for Broadway Plaza

Is this news of pressing community concern? Dunno. I just felt like putting pictures of cupcakes up on this blog.

The cupcake craze continues with the opening of Frosting Bake Shop, in Broadway Plaza

This Mill Valley shop has opened its new location next door to Banana Republic. The shop’s website say it  bakes cupcakes fresh every day, using the finest natural, organic, farm-fresh ingredients. Its 11 flavors include Black and White (chocolate cake topped with vanilla buttercream); Chocolate Obsession (“decadent” Callebut chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate ganache frosting); Razzleberry, Carrot, Lemon Twist, Mocha, and Juliana Banana.”

Cupcakes are $3 each. You can also order sampler packs of four, six or 12 cupcakes.

12 thoughts on “New cupcake shop for Broadway Plaza

  1. 2:31 – sorry to rain on your parade, but organic does not automatically mean healthy. Ingredients such as butter, cream, enriched flour and sugar are not necessarily healthy for you.


  2. Oh great, just in time for swimsuit toning season!

    How long do you really think that a store that sells only cupcakes will last paying sky-high rents to Broadway Plaza?

    Is this the type of store that makes WC a destination in which to shop?


  3. If the owner thinks this business can succeed then more power to him or her. ' Better to have tried and failed than to not have tried at all.

    Could have, would have, should have. How many of you don't have the courage to be an entrepeneur?


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