What’s your best April Fools Day prank?

Or best prank ever?
Not sure I can top Google’s Topeka move this morning. There are a few pranks I’ve pulled, not necessarily for April Fools Day. I couldn’t describe most of them, because you would have had to have been there. They definitely are part of an inside joke.
For the most part, I’m not that good at pulling pranks because I start to giggle.
This morning, our boss, with a very serious tone and straight face, announced that an important deadline had been moved up to Wednesday.  It nearly caused my cubicle mate to stalk out of the room in a huff. Well, no, that’s a joke. My cubicle took the news calmly but there was a tremor of fear and annoyance in her voice.  
April Fools! 

3 thoughts on “What’s your best April Fools Day prank?

  1. I'm not a prankster by nature but everyone has one great prank in them. This was mine:

    One year, the office's self-appointed April Fools king spent the day annoying everyone with stupid pranks. He knew that people were ticked off but didn't care and generally made people miserable. As he was getting ready to leave for the day, I took him aside and with a worried look on my face I told him that I'd seen some of the guys out by his car doing something under the hood.

    He kind of went pale, thanked me, and left. I then gathered the rest of the office by a window that faced the parking lot and we watched as he spent the next half hour trying to find the booby trap in his car.


  2. Telling our boss that the airline called and his mexico vacation flight had been cancelled. That was a good one!

    But I really liked Claycord's “Smell-O-Vision” this morning. That's a great one!


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