Good morning suburbia! Hope you had a lovely Saturday

Another glorious sunrise over Mount Reagan (er, Mount Diablo). This was taken by a reader and friend on Friday morning.

Hope you all enjoyed the amazing weather Saturday, even if you’re dealing with recession to the blues. Rain might be returning to our area early this week.

Yesterday, my husband and I took our son to San Francisco to celebrate his birthday. He’s turning 12.  The city was georgeous. We did silly things like go to an arcade at Pier 39 and play air hockey, went to Borders and bought him a couple books, drove to Twin Peaks to look out over a specactcular view of San Francisco Bay, and then to dinner.

We came across what I consider to be a a typical scene passing by Castro Street on our way to Twin Peaks: a protest, with some Harvey Milk photos, and a couple of guys in the crowd scantily clad. I mentioned that Castro Street was headquarters for the Bay Area’s gay rights movement. This protest, though, had nothing to do with gay rights but with the proposed sit-lie ordinance, which the demonstrators were decrying as an attack on the homeless.

“What’s that guy doing there in a thong?” My son asked. Indeed, there was a man standing among the no “sit/lie” demonstrators, dressed in a thong with his bare back and butt cheeks exposed. My son’s continuing education. I shrugged and said “That’s the Castro for you.” 

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