Three teen boys arrested in early morning carjacking at Countrywood shopping center

Police early Saturday morning arrested three boys, ages 15 to 17 and from Concord and Martinez, on suspicion of carjacking.

Walnut Creek police Sgt. Lanny Edwards says that police received a call at 2:06 a.m. from a motorist who reported being carjacked in the parking lot of the Countrywood shopping center. The victim said the carjackers were black, wearing masks, driving a black SUV, and were armed with a handgun and a hammer.

One of the suspects took the victim’s car, while the others stayed in the SUV, as both vehicles drove off northbound on Bancroft Road.

Police immediately searched the surrounding areas and found the black SUV, occupied by three teen boys, on La Salle Court. Police also found a loaded handgun, a hammer, and items belonging to the victim inside the SUV. Police found the victim’s vehicle parked nearby.

All three suspects were booked into Junenile Hall on suspicion of carjacking and conspiracy. Anyone with information on this robbery is encouraged to call the Walnut Creek Police Department at (925) 943-5844.

11 thoughts on “Three teen boys arrested in early morning carjacking at Countrywood shopping center

  1. OMG! And I was worried about the 7th graders who brought alcohol to the dance. 15-17 year old car-jackers in the creek? These kids need some serious help. And who lets their kids out at 2am in the morning? Hope the victim is okay. That must have been frightening.


  2. If these guys had tried to jack me they would have gotten one in the head and two in the chest. No I don't have a concealed weapons permit but I carry anyway to be prepared for situations like this.


  3. Hope the swift apprehension of these Concord and Martinez feral kids sends a message that Walnut Creek is not a sitting plump duck ready for plundering by the likes of them.


  4. These kids – who are probably all ready fathers themselves – are out at 2 a.m. rampaging in Walnut Creek because they DO NOT HAVE PARENTS! And they will and no doubt all ready have produced multiple offspring who also will have NO PARENTS! They are African American teenage boys from Concord and Martinez. Could be Richmond or Oakland. The pathology is the same. And our social welfare system is their enabler. Wake up and stop entitlement co-dependency. It is not good for their culture or ours and for our society as a whole.


  5. God I hate living here. We relocated here last year, I have a 2 year old child and we live 2 blocks from that shopping center.

    I just told my husband I want to move out of here. Since we relocated to the bay area, our cars have been burglarized 2X in different locations…one time in front of our house. We must get 5 “solicitors” per week casing our neighborhood.

    The bay area is a crime cesspool…and unfortunately the liberals who are in charge up here just don't get they are making the problems worse.

    It doesn;t matter how expensive your neighborhood is…everyone is a potential victim here because the rules on crime are so lax.

    Where I am from, the cops will make a point of stopping and questioning “outsiders” which sends the right message so things like this just don't happen.


  6. People, people, people, please just grow up and realize that you have to protect yourselves. Get trained and get a gun.
    Also, we need to change the anti second amendment bias in this state. In Florida the crime rate went down when they made concealed carry easy for their citizens. Now criminals just victimize obvious out-of-staters. The criminals there know that Floridians will just shoot them. We need to have the same mentality in California. If the gang bangers get the idea that Joe Citizen is probably packing they will leave him alone.


  7. You guys are retarded i knew 2 kids in the carjacking yeah they need help but dont be a jackass and say they got kids themselves how can you judge so blindly, and yes they have parents increadibly rich parents in fact, they just need help in life


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