What will the Tea Party’ers do now that the health care reform bill has passed?

“I don’t know what will happen if the bill passes,” said Heather G., an East Bay member of the Tea Party Patriots, who was protesting outside U.S. Rep. John Garamendi’s Thusday. “It’s going to get really, really ugly.”

Garamendi, the Democrat who represents the 10th congressional district, was a strong supporter of the legislation and one of 219 casting a yes vote.

Heather G. is an Alamo mother and realtor who said that she became politicized following the election of President Barack Obama. Concerned about the direction the country is going in, she has helped organize other protests over the past several months.

She said her group has held peaceful demonstrations and does not advocate violence.

But things got pretty angry and ugly over the weekend among other Tea Party protesters demonstrating outside the Capitol building Saturday and Sunday.

A Newsweek blogger described it as the gathering as the “prototypical angry mob,” with some people in the mostly white group shouting the N-word at African-American Reps. John Lewis and Andre Carson, spitting on Rep. Emanuel Lewis, and hurling a homophobic epithet at openly gay Rep. Barney Frank.

Heather G. said that “a lot of people” are fed up and angry and suggested that passage of this bill could make things even more divisive and ugly than they already are. She believes that health care reform–or at least this Senate-passed bill that the House was voting on Sunday–would be disastrous for the economy, and would amount to those in power–the Democrats–hijacking control of our country from the will of the people.

The Democrat-controlled Congress approved the legislation, handing Obama a major victory for his top priority. The legislation, which is designed to extend health care to millions of uninsured Americans and crack down on insurance company abuses, awaits his approval.

Republican Party leaders and Tea Party organizers tried to distance themselves from the slurs Sunday. Still, the Kansas City Star reports, “some Republican House members spurred the protesters on, appearing Sunday on the south balcony of the Capitol with signs spelling out each letter of one of the main Tea Party chants: “Kill the bill. …

“But as it became clear Democrats had won the votes of key anti-abortion lawmakers, the protesters lost their enthusiasm, and their numbers shrank.”

71 thoughts on “What will the Tea Party’ers do now that the health care reform bill has passed?

  1. What really kills me is how eagerly you all are to throw away your liberty which, once lost, will not be easily regained.

    “To be governed,” Proudhon wrote, “is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled . . . by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so. To be governed is to be at every operation, at every transaction noted, registered, counted, taxed . . . . It is, under pretext of public utility, and in the name of the general interest, to be placed under contribution, drilled, fleeced, exploited . . . then, at the slightest resistance, the first word of complaint, to be repressed, fined, vilified, harassed, hunted down, abused . . . and to crown all, mocked, ridiculed, derided, outraged, dishonored. That is government; that is its justice; that is its morality.”


  2. Anon 5:22 so you are then saying the catastrophic illness patients should be handled in the government sponsored “high risk pool” and you would thus be fine to keep denying any health care coverage for patients with pre-existing conditions since these high risks would not qualify for your government sponsered high risk poool?


  3. Everyone needs to calm down,

    Look here are the facts:

    1. Obama will end up being our generation's Jimmy Carter (full of hope and change but out after one lackluster term).

    2. The dumbocrats will take a huge loss in Congress and it will take years for them to attempt another crazy idea.

    3. The republicans will gain control of congress and “fix” the health bill.

    4. Last to you crazies out there, we do indeed need to change the current way the health system works. We just don't need the government to be the controller.


  4. Here is another famous quote by Poudhon:

    “Capital”… in the political field is analogous to “government”… The economic idea of capitalism, the politics of government or of authority, and the theological idea of the Church are three identical ideas, linked in various ways. To attack one of them is equivalent to attacking all of them . . . What capital does to labour, and the State to liberty, the Church does to the spirit. This trinity of absolutism is as baneful in practice as it is in philosophy. The most effective means for oppressing the people would be simultaneously to enslave its body, its will and its reason.”


  5. Anon 5:47

    1) We will see about that

    2) It's spelled “democrats”, why is it so hard for your Tea Party'ers to keep it civil?

    3) Didn't the republicans just have eight years to “fix” the health care bill?

    4) If not the government is the controller who else? The insurance companies, sure that worked well for the last hundred years.


  6. “Anon 5:52 and where was your Tea Party protesting the Patriot Act?”

    I'm Anon 5:52. I'm not in a Tea Party and I don't support the Patriot Act.

    So many assumptions on your part…you know that they say about assumptions.


  7. Anon 5:57,

    Believe me it's the dumbocrats. I'm not a tea party member. I'm a dyed in the wool republican. I'd like you and the rest of your hippie dippie dumbocrats to give me my country back.


  8. Anon 5:47 said ” Obama will end up being our generation's Jimmy Carter (full of hope and change but out after one lackluster term).

    2. The dumbocrats will take a huge loss in Congress and it will take years for them to attempt another crazy idea.”

    Oh, I wish it were so. But, the Big O and Bella Pelosi are only beginning to roll out their master plan. Once “comprehensive immigration reform” (i.e. granting amnesty and immediate U.S. citizenship to all illegal aliens) is passed this summer, O will have hordes on new Democrat voters.

    Then they will move on to “climate change” legislation (i.e. the government running a huge carbon trading scheme) that will gut the U.S. economy, that is what's left to gut.


  9. Anon at 6:17

    Unfortunately you died in the wool Repubs were so busy selling off our country to the highest bidder that we had to take over the gov. to start to make it work again. Oh and you will lose more seats in November.

    Why is it you think health care was so great up until now? The party of NO messed this one up royally. There are actually a ton of Rethuglican elements to the bill which you will see the democrats start to use as talking points. Rethugs actually voted against their own ideas. Get ready for WATERLOO 2 the great Republican demise in November. No singel payer, no Fedarally financed abortion, no insurace trust busting regulations. All gone, all demanded by the conservatives and they voted NO. LOL, you are so screwed. You better start getting info from places other than Fox news.


  10. I just can't believe what sheep you are. If you stop listening to Beck and Limbaugh for a minute you would note the the current health care bill is pretty similar to the one introduced in MA by the conservative darling Romney.

    Gutting the economy ….. it is actually slowly recovering after 8 years of conservative leadership in the White House. Look at the stock market, the indices are up….

    But facts of course don't matter, you want your country back, because what it really boils down, is you have a back president and you can't stand it.


  11. “the current health care bill is pretty similar to the one introduced in MA by the conservative darling Romney.”

    I hate to mess up your little tirade with facts, but the MA health plan is broke.

    From the Boston Globe, Mar 19, 2010-

    “Massachusetts is potentially facing a new budget gap of up to $295 million this year, a grim forecast that state officials said could spell yet another round of painful cuts before the fiscal year ends in June.

    Patrick administration officials blamed the gap on rising demand for the joint state and federal health care program for low-income residents known as MassHealth, increasing demand for homeless shelters, and on below-projected revenue from state fees and federal aid.”


  12. I am so sick and tired of hearing every single republican politician claim to be speaking for “the American people.” They do not speak for me, nor to any of us who actually listen and care about what's happening to what's left of the middle class in this country.

    Does anybody besides me wonder what percentage of those “American people” they refer to still believe Iraq was responsible for 9/11? I'm sure the number is much higher than the percentage who have a clue what's actually in the health care bill.

    There are now more people in this country covered by public health care than private insurance. It is against the law for a hospital emergency room to refuse treatment to anyone. Something had to give. The republicans want this to fail simply because they don't want the democrats to take credit for solving a huge problem. Too bad.


  13. Anon 10:18

    It does appear that many Rebulican politicians wanted the health care bill to fail because it would be a failure for Obama. Republican Sen. DeMint said “the failure of this bill will be Obama's unraveling”. A great lack of statesmanship has been exhibited in this debate and most of it seems to be from the Republican side.


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