Walnut Creek considering upgrade of Iron Horse Trail crossing at Mt. Diablo Boulevard

It’s going to cost $125,000 but city staff say they have the money in the Capital Improvement Program and that helping trail users to be more visible to motorists is one of the goals of this program.

Some 14,900 vehicles move along Mt. Diablo Boulevard every day near where  the Iron Horse Trail crosses. That particular crosswalk is heavily used throughout the day. Fortunately, there have only been two accidents in that crosswalk in the past two years, but staff recommends a “proactive approach to designing a pedestrian friendly environment  for this crosswalk.”

The city’s Transportation Commission will discuss the issue at  its 7 p.m. meeting on Thursday.

According to the staff report, the proposed improvements would involve:

–“Lane drop” striping at Mt. Pisgah Road for eastbound traffic, to indicate that Mt. Diablo Boulevard drops down from four lanes to two just  east  of the crosswalk.

–PV head flashers to signal a pedestrian crossing at  the crosswalk.

–Future landscaping for a median island to help block sun glare in the late afternoon.

15 thoughts on “Walnut Creek considering upgrade of Iron Horse Trail crossing at Mt. Diablo Boulevard

  1. It took me a minute to realize where that was because of those ugly new condos in the background. I use the Iron Horse a lot and think that crossing is actually very safe, drivers are usually very courteous about letting me cross whether on foot or bike. The situation that needs to be fixed is the crosswalk further up between HM and PF Chang's, that drives me insane.


  2. I work evenings, but someone ask them why it is taking over a year to build that pedestrian overpass on the Iron Horse trail across Treat blvd?


  3. The afternoon glare worries me a lot. I often drive west on that road in the late afternoon and have seen it firsthand. If you use that walkway (or the HM<->PFChang one) in the late afternoon, be very very careful.

    By the way, the courtesy at the Iron Horse trail crossing goes both ways…I've seen both crossers and drivers being really nice and considerate there. The pedestrians at the HM<->PFC crossing frighten me more than anything. I've seen people stop in the middle of the road to pull out their cell phone. I've seen people push the button but then wait 20 seconds for their friends to catch up. The list goes on. That crossing is probably the main reason I objected to Neimann Marcus…if we have so many entitled and self-absorbed morons crossing there now…just wait till there's a store that specifically caters to them.


  4. Afternoon glare there is insane. Once I saw a downed cyclist in the road, police, ambulance and a devastated motorist. I always brake there when the sun is blinding on the off chance that there's a pedestrian or cyclist that I can't see. Improvements are welcome.
    Now just wait until the condo owners start pulling out of their driveways.
    But the shoppers darting across between Nordstrom and H & M is a slap in the face to WC residents!


  5. “I believe that is a Contra Costa County project and that it is outside the Walnut Creek city limits.”

    The Mt. Diablo crossings are definitely within Walnut Creek city limits. The Treat Blvd crossing is another matter. I used to work in one of the office buildings there and I remember when we were trying to let the powers that be know about the dangers of that Civic-Treat crossing area there was a lot of finger pointing between the city and county because the crossing goes between the 2 jurisdictions.


  6. Sorry for the confusion. I was trying to reply to Anon 9:32 and there was an intervening post. Yes, I was talking about the bridge over Treat Blvd. I only found on-line evidence of the project being approved by the County. When I looked at the WC City map, the location looked to be outside the city limit to me.

    The bridge will be a tremendous improvement for Iron Horse Trail users.


  7. “the shoppers darting across between Nordstrom and H & M is a slap in the face to WC residents!”

    Let's make it a toll crossing. You can cross for free at the lights but if you want to take the shortcut you have to pay. 😉


  8. This crossing is on my daily commute. I think the most effective upgrade would be a struture which would slow down joggers and bicyclists. Particularly bicyclists going south can be hidden behind the concrete wall along the creek and can approach the crossing very rapidly without stopping


  9. Kudos to the City for taking a proactive approach.

    Anon 9:32.. “ask them why it is taking over a year to build that pedestrian overpass on the Iron Horse trail across Treat Blvd” –

    That part is within unincorporated Walnut Creek soon to be named “Contra Costa Centre” (Btw, I detest the metric spelling of “Center”. It's pretentious and a lame marketing tool.)


  10. It's dangerous and heavily traveled. It should be addressed.

    As for the H&M-PF Changs crossing… how about digging the road under the walkway, include a garden plaza above with seating and gardens.


  11. Hopefully there will be big warning signs on the trail alerting bikers and joggers to stop at Mt. Diablo. More residents who live in Walnut Heights are using Newell to avoid the problems on Mt Diablo. What will happen after NM is built is anyone's guess.


  12. 3/19 11:56

    According to RAMPART, traffic gridlock will exist after NM. So if you live in Walnut Heights you'll probably need to go around to Rudgear. Although that might not work because they said the traffic will be coming in from a 50 mile radius.

    Face it, the world will end when NM opens. Well, that's what RAMPART said anyway…



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