IHOP coming (returning?) to Walnut Creek

Just catching up on my reading the other day and came across this bit in Walnut Creek Magazine. It says that IHOP, or International House of Pancakes would be opening on North Main Street, near Beverages and More. This location would put it sort of the same ‘hood as a proposed new In-and-Out. This restaurant, which serves more than just pancakes, would also be joining a company that has 1,400 restaurants coast to coast, including ones in Concord and Martinez.
What I’m wondering is whether, once upon a time, Walnut Creek had an IHOP.  I have this vague memory from when I was very young that downtown Walnut Creek had an IHOP. That is, an old-style IHOP in the iconic A-frame and with the blue roof. I also seem to think it was at or near where the current McDonald’s is on California Boulevard. 

Any long-timers know what I’m talking about? Or, am I just dreaming of golden pancakes stacked with butter and topped with syrup, strawberries and whipped cream?

12 thoughts on “IHOP coming (returning?) to Walnut Creek

  1. I think we will see more and more of these frugal establishments as the high-end businesses crater and fold.

    It's a good thing.


  2. IHOP was torn down on the site where Big 5 replaced the traditional old A frame style IHOP. Really good news if a family style restaurant like this is returning to town! Even better if it will be open 24 hours!!!


  3. The only spot available that I know of in that area is the corner restaurant that used to be Magic Garlic, next to Walgreens. That parking lot is already full with the existing businesses. IHOP will make it impossible to find parking.


  4. Anon 11:17 is on the money. That's where IHOP will be going.

    “Impossible” to find parking? Hardly.

    You must mean: “I am ENTITLED to a parking space right in front of the restaurant and dammit if I can't have the space while I talk on my cell phone and sucking on a $5 cup of coffee.”


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