ANOTHER new frozen yogurt shop coming to Walnut Creek

This is Blush organic frozen yogurt, and it is coming this spring to the building on Newell Lane, across the parking lot from Whole Foods. This Walnut Creek location would be the yogurt company’s fifth in the Bay Area.  Here’s how Blush says it is new and different from other yogurt shops:
“We offer a delicious organic frozen yogurt that is not only spectacular in taste, but is also good for you. Our frozen yogurt is a non-fat, low-calorie dessert made from real organic yogurt and milk and other organic and all-natural ingredients. Unlike some other frozen yogurts made with powder, our frozen yogurt contains healthy active live cultures aiding in greater calcium absorption and better digestion.”
Some of the rotating flavors include: Acai Blueberry, Chocolate, Green Tea, Guava Mango, Pina Colada,
Pumpkin, and Strawberry Kiwi. Add fresh fruit or dry toppings.
When Blush Yogurt opens, it will join Yogurt Castle, Yogurt Park, Red Mango, and Coco Swirl (Sorry, if I’m missing someone!)

4 thoughts on “ANOTHER new frozen yogurt shop coming to Walnut Creek

  1. Who cares?

    If it becomes popular, it will just mean more traffic on Newell and more rude drivers trying to get out of the parking areas near Whole Foods.


  2. The yogurt shop will probably only consist of Whole Foods customers. People rarely go out of their way to get to a yogurt shop. So most likely Whole Foods Market customers will stop by the yogurt shop after shopping. People already stop by Whole Foods to get coffee or eat at the tables in front of the store.

    Traffic will not be affected much at all.

    I remember when that location used to be a 1 hour photo shop. My friend used to work there in the 90s. I think it was a family run store.


  3. If the yogurt shop solely depends on Whole Foods customers then it will not succeed. I would wager that students from Las Lomas will be patrons. But there again that is a rush that happens only once per day. To stay in business this place will have to draw customers from outside of these two sources which means increased traffic to already congested the area.


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