Walnut Creek police, FBI find parent kidnap victim Jessica Click-Hill after 15 years, and arrest her mother

Jessica Click-Hill was 8 years old when she was reportedly last seen in Walnut Creek in August 1995. Authorities believe she was kidnapped by her non-custodial mother, Wendy Dawn Hill, then 37.

Walnut Creek police on Thursday announced that they, with the help of the FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, had found Jessica, now 22 years old, and arrested her mother, now 52.
Police say that they had located Wendy Hill in Monrovia in Southern California, and arrested her on a warrant for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. This arrest follows recent information they received relating to the location of Hill and her daughter. After receiving this information, Walnut Creek police detectives immediately went to Los Angeles where they took custody of Hill.
According to Sgt. Tom Cashion, the FBI has also located and made contact with Jessica.
Early Thursday, according to Cashion, Walnut Creek detectives booked Hill into the Martinez county jail where she is being held on $250,000 bail.
Walnut Creek police have been working the case since 1995 when Jessica’s father, Dean Click, reported that his wife had kidnapped their child.

7 thoughts on “Walnut Creek police, FBI find parent kidnap victim Jessica Click-Hill after 15 years, and arrest her mother

  1. Bravo FBI & WCPD!

    It must feel very good to our professional law enforcement personnel and to our citizens when these long-term efforts pay off.

    May the victims and family now heal.


  2. I'd like to see how the age enhanced picture compares to how she really looks. Was Jessica still calling herself by her real name? how about her mom? Did they change their names? Did they live in Walnut Creek all this time, did the girl go to local schools?


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