Teen job fair in Walnut Creek Thursday; and the downtown library connection to my beloved summer job

I can’t wait for my 11-year-old to get old enough to go out and get a job, and start bringing in some money to help keep me in living in the style to which I’d like to become accustomed! Oh, wait, a part-time, minimum-wage job won’t do that for me? Especially in an expensive place like the Bay Area. Sigh. Another of my dreams dashed!

Anyway, many of us probably had our after-school or summer jobs as teen-agers, where we earned money to help buy clothes, pay for movie tickets, even to put away and save for college.

To help local teens from being bored or going broke this summer, the City of Walnut Creek is holding a Teen Job Fair Thursday from 3 to 6 p.m. There, the city will fill teens in about volunteer and summer jobs offered by the city. It is for teens 13 and up. This is a drop-in event–reservations are not required. The job fair will take place at the Civic Park Community Center.

OK, what was your after-school or summer job?

My first one was a disaster. I was hired to work as a cashier at the former Woolworth’s in the Broadway Plaza. I always loved that Woolworth’s, going in there to buy pet supplies, little trinkets. I thought it was cool to be able to work there. But, I was a horrible, terrible cashier. I was always mistyping the figures and causing over-rings, which would prompt the big, barrel-chested manager, who was carrying on a flirtation with a cute blond and more talented-cashier co-worker, to come barreling out to deal with my error. I lasted in the job about three weekends.

My next job was far more successful and fun. And, “Damn Library” fans, do you know what job that was? Shelving books at the old, now-torn-down library in Civic Park. Hmm. Would you call that the original “Damn Library”?

That was a great job. For one thing, it paid better than minimum-wage. I got to work with fun people–yes, those librarians are fun people. And, I got to be around books. Let’s just say, I’d head out into the stacks with my cart of books, and sometime spend a little more time shelving than I needed.

11 thoughts on “Teen job fair in Walnut Creek Thursday; and the downtown library connection to my beloved summer job

  1. Oh man, I was a freshman in high school and worked as a lifeguard. I remember thinking I was so official, thank god the worst that ever happened on my watch was a bee sting. Lots of hours staring at a pool…


  2. During two summers, I worked as a street maintenance worker for the City of Pleasant Hill in their Public Works Department . A great bunch of guys and gals. The worst things were getting honked at while on my hands and knees fixing a sprinkler, finding the remnants of a large striped bass someone dumped in a catch basin (whew!), and, of course, distracted drivers.

    The best thing? Being assigned my own truck with my high school bud as a sidekick. We cleaned over 70 catch basins in one day. That's a feat!!!

    The pay: $3.35 per hour.


  3. My daughter was a life guard at Heather Farm pool. Those guys are really professional, taught her a lot about being responsible. Opening the pool at 05:30 taught her a lot about getting up in the morning too. The job did have it's perks, she admitted to me one time that she really enjoyed yelling at parents when their kids were misbehaving. Ah, to have a whistle.


  4. WOW you have dated yourself working at Woolworths!! Now I'm gonna date myself. My job in high school was at Birdies Toy Store in the Broadway Plaza and my folks owned Ferraro's Fine Foods which was across the street when I was in elementary school!!!


  5. I was a lifeguard in high school. Good job teaches lots of responsibility. By the end of summer though your mind goes numb from being out in the sun too much.

    I will confirm that the biggest perk is being a teen and getting to read the RIOT act to unsuspecting parents of misbehaiving children.


  6. Which building was Woolworth's located in?

    Woolworth's parent company still exists. They changed their name to Venator Group and then to Foot Locker. Yes, Woolworth's is still around doing business as Food Locker.


  7. my 1st was working as a tray girl at beautiful peralta hospital on pill hill.wow that does date me..it was the imagnin of oakland hospitals then [dont say whats imagnin!] i was the youngest worker but i got paid union wages tho i only worked 3 1/2 hrs a day. fun fun job learned responsiblity that i carry over today…i think thats what our over indulged kids are missing these days…not all but a majority..


  8. As for my job, in High School I worked at Diablo Bike on Mt. Diablo across from the Catholic Church. It was a hoping place then including a frame builder and painter. I can still fix anything on a bike today, they haven't changed much, what's there to change? I was the only one in the shop who actually rode a bike. The rest of the kids were all mad for the new Honda cars.


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