Crime Monday in Walnut Creek: police looking for man who robbed Chase Bank, armed with an, uh, laptop (?)

Well, we don’t know if he was carrying a laptop, but he was described as carrying a bag that might be used to carry a laptop. Sorry, that little detail jumped out at me, making me wonder if we’re dealing with a new group of people deciding to rob banks in these (still) difficult economic times. …  
Anyway, here are the basics of Monday’s second robbery in Walnut Creek. Earlier Monday, as I reported, four suspects were arrested in connection with a carjacking that took place at the north end of Main Street. 
Here are the details of Monday afternoon’s robbery at Chase Bank. The information comes courtesy of  Walnut Creek’s Lt. Tim Barrett.

The robbery was reported at 3:05 p.m. at the bank at 1390 South Main Street. Walnut Creek police dispatch received a 911 call. When officers arrived seconds later, they learned that the robber entered the bank, said he had a weapon and demanded money. He was given an undisclosed amount of cash and left the bank.
No one was hurt, and police searched for the robber, but couldn’t find him.
He was described as a white or mixed-raced man, in his late 20s. He was about 200 pounds and of average build and height. He was wearing a black a blue striped button-down shirt, a beanie-style hat, and carrying a “laptop-style” bag. The other thing that stands out is that he was also said to have “silver upper front teeth.”
Anyone with information on this robbery should call the Walnut Creek Police Department at (925) 943-5844.

4 thoughts on “Crime Monday in Walnut Creek: police looking for man who robbed Chase Bank, armed with an, uh, laptop (?)

  1. Assuming the witnesses aren't mistaken in their description of the perp's race (which seems unlikely), it appears that the security camera at Chase has some lighting issues.

    Did you notice the guy's bulky shirt, completely buttoned up, and weird hat? He probably had a complete change of clothes on under that shirt, that he ripped off as soon as he got away. The hat keeps us from knowing what color and cut of hair he has. The laptop bag, in Walnut Creek, makes a good, inconspicuous bag to the hold cash.

    Dude did some planning.


  2. If you search on Youtube for Chase Bank, the first video shows a Chase Bank guard shooting and killing a bank robber.

    Chase is the only bank I know of that has armed guards that are ready to use deadly force. Robbers should be aware of this. Chase is tough on crime.


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