In-N- Out inching closer to Walnut Creek; but close enough?

The Mayor of Claycord reported yesterday that In-N-Out Burger had submitted a second proposal to open one of its drive-through shops in Pleasant Hill, this one near the Black Angus restaurant on North Main Street where it turns into Contra Costa Boulevard.

Hmm, if only it could be the Black Angus restaurant itself that In & Out wanted to replace. … I haven’t been to the Black Angus since, like the 1980s. But it’s not that property In-N-Out  is eyeing. The company wants to develop the facility on two parcels directly to the south of the Black Angus.

Way back in September, I wrote about how Walnut Creek needs an In-N-Out.  This second Pleasant Hill location will be closer to us than the first proposed location at Contra Costa Boulevard and Chilpancingo Parkway. But is it close enough?

21 thoughts on “In-N- Out inching closer to Walnut Creek; but close enough?

  1. When PH was redeveloping Montgomery Wards property (now Kohl's) I had suggested that In-n-Out would be perfect there… Still think they missed a great opportunity!


  2. By siting the I&O in that location, it seems to me that PH gets the double cheeseburger with grilled onions and WC gets mostly the wrapper. More police patrols (costs) will be required in that part of north WC due to the increase in people and traffic. The closest entrance/exit from south I680 to/from the I&O is in WC. Our city workers will also be spending more time picking up trash generated from the I&O. I'm happy that we will have the convenience of an I&O so close to home. I'm not happy that PH will be getting the tax revenues from it while WC taxpayers will be picking up part of the costs (and trash) to keep the area safe and litter free. I just wish that they would have sited it in WC.


  3. I think the abandoned Krispy Kreme store in the Willows shopping center would be a perfect spot for In-N-Out. Why do you have to hate on Black Angus? That place is great. Awesome Coupons and Mileage Plus.


  4. Castle Hill Bill: You're the man but your city leaders do not do enough to attract/welcome new businesses! They just rest on their laurels with Broadway Plaza shops and The Macerich Company humping on their pant legs.

    The Result: An unbalanced and undiversified tax base (retail + auto dealers) that relies on too much on consumer spending. We all know where consumer sentiment is languishing these days!

    I'm glad that PH is getting I&O cuz WC whiners would just be complaining about – wait for it – traffic & parking!! Secondly, I think PH's fake downtown is just a strip mall without a roof. I&O would simply perpetuate “Generica”.


  5. “Downtown” Pleasant Hill is two blocks of constantly revolving business with an even worse parking concept that Walnut Creek and then a bunch of liquor stores and tweakers riding their ten speeds. So yes, it will be perfect there.


  6. Hey, I have a great idea!

    Why don't they let In-N-Out have the catering concession at the damn library???

    Plenty of parking and the City could certainly use the added income.


  7. In-N-Out is different than other fast food restaurants. They use fresh ingredients and make everything to order. They keep their menu simple and use high quality ingredients. You won't find anything prepackaged with preservatives here.

    There are healthy alternatives at In-N-Out. You can ask for grilled cheese. It is so good that you won't miss the meat. Also, you can ask for salad. They will take the vegetables and trimmings for the burgers and make a salad for you. You can always ask for orange juice or milk instead of soda.

    In-N-Out burger sets itself apart from other fast food restaurants.


  8. Anon 11:05 If you believe that In-N-Out Burger is a healthy alternative to other fast food places you must have had their Kool-Aid from the super secret menu.

    The beef patties are pre fabricated in Baldwin Park. The menu is fast food. If you look at the nutritional information for a Double-Double without cheese and fries you consume a grand total of 1070 calories (of which 530 come from fat), 59 grams of fat (23 gram of saturated fat representing 115% of your recommended daily allowance) and 1685 milligram of sodium.

    That is without a drink and I don't think that OJ or milk make it more healthy.

    In-N-Out Burger is not different from other fast food places it is simply a very clever marketing concept.


  9. The smell of meat cooking and a cremation being performed – BBQ time! Who in their right mind would put these two flavors together? BRILLIANT!


  10. Here check this out this is what you can expect from an In and Out . Crime ,trash, 1500 extra cars per day and customers that don't have any respect and are not welcome in our community. Walnut Creek is directly behind this proposed In and Out but that strip of land is located in Pleasant Hill. In and Out Keep it Out


  11. Very sad this is going in and people don't think of us- the people who's homes will be right next to the drive thru – hearing and smelling the restaurant from 10 am – 1 am every single day. What if it was you and your kids that this nightmare was happening to?


  12. If you don't want to smell deliciousness every single day, move. Simple solution.

    That woman weeping at the meeting was hilarious. I've watched it a dozen times and have memorized her pathetic cries.



  13. Our business, Same Day Garage Door Repair is right down the street from what could be In & Out burger. If this happens I will be so happy because I love this fast food restaurant. We are in walking distance at 1226 Pine Street Walnut Creek, CA 94596 (925) 309-6117.


  14. Terrible idea. Blank Angus have 130 parking spaces all of which is filled to capacity every weekend. In and Out if you look at their application is ONLY ADDING 4 SPACES!!!!! Parking will be a nightmare which will make there drive trough overflow and traffic will be terrible.


  15. They're installing a really high sound wall to actually make it quieter than before and air filtration. sorry you bought a home right by the freeway and commercial strip, but anything could have gone there. At least this will bring a ton of revenue for the city.


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