Co Co Supervisors wimp out and vote against renaming Mount Diablo Mount Reagan

I know I was initially annoyed by this whole issue raised by an Oakley man who thought that the name “Diablo” was “derogatory and profane.” And I talked about how we needed to stop giving Art Mijares his 15 minutes of fame.

But, you know, over time, his wacky idea of renaming Mt. Diablo after our 33rd California governor and 40th U.S. president started to grow on me. This is especially after a couple I know began contemplating all the streets, schools, creeks, businesses, organizations, and regions that would have to undergo a total identity shift.

And, I thought, that’s right: We’d have to say good by to Mt. Diablo Boulevard, Diablo Valley College, and Diablo Country Club. Hello, Save Mt. Reagan, Mt. Reagan Unified School District, and the small but affluent unincorporated community of Reagan.

Sure, it would cost some money for the name changes: signs, stationery, uniforms, marketing materials, web sites, statues.

But sometimes, change can be exciting. It can shake things up, make you re-evaluate yourself and your place in the world. Similarly, if our region’s geographic centerpiece were to undergo a name change, think of how we would all get a whole new perspective on life.

So, the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors’ vote against the name change is not a final decision on the matter. The supervisors can only forward their suggestion to the U.S. Board of Geographic Names.

The Mayor of Claycord says, who first reported on this highly volatile controversy a few weeks ago, proclaimed today: “Ladies and Gentleman, the name’s not changing!”

Well, we’ll see …

14 thoughts on “Co Co Supervisors wimp out and vote against renaming Mount Diablo Mount Reagan

  1. I think you had one too many espresso's this morning when you came up with your headline to this one. And yes I get the tongue in cheek….


  2. 5:58

    Go back to the streets with your potty mouth.

    And, his name is spelled REAGAN.

    This whole thing was jumped on by the press and never was a serious story.


  3. Dear 5:58:

    Sorry, no f-bombs! It's not like I've have never used THAT word… ever in my entire life…
    but, not in the comments here.

    I do have to have SOME standards of decorum.

    But you do seem to have some very strong political/historical views about Reagan. Please feel free to comment–just without the f-bombs.

    Thanks so much.


  4. Whew- SM, You alarmed me. For a moment I thought Liz Cheney was ghost writing your blog. Using irony on the terminally gullible is cruel. It's not nice to fool old people. You were fooling weren't you?


  5. I can't believe that this was even a consideration. REAGAN was a bad word in the Bay Area not even a generation ago. Now everybody wants to be a revisionist. May Dog save your soles…


  6. Crazy in Suburbia, you must be very bored if changing the name of Mt Diablo seems “new and exciting” for you. What a horrible reason to change the name of a historic landmark.
    Gah every time I read your blog I am amazed by your quackery.


  7. Thanks Soccer Mom,
    I'm glad to see you're getting your ducks in a row.
    Sorry that 3:53 had his feathers ruffled.
    You quack me up sometimes,


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