Buckhorn Grill regrets allowing Open Carry members to gather at its restaurant last Saturday

As other media outlets and I reported, up to 100 members of Bay Area Open Carry, wearing unloaded guns and ammunition clips strapped to their belts, turned up at Buckhorn Grill in Walnut Creek’s Plaza Escuela last Saturday to enjoy a meal and to demonstrate their legal right in California to openly bear arms.
The meetup of Open Carry, a loosely organized group of gun advocates, was initially planned for California Pizza Kitchen, but the group learned from CPK that they were not welcome. They changed their meetup location to Buckhorn Grill after receiving permission from the management.

Well, now the management of the Buckhorn Restaurant Group is regretting that decision and is issuing this apology to customers, which a reader passed along to me:

To our Customers:

Buckhorn Grill would like to apologize for some misunderstanding about our “no weapon policy” in any of our restaurants. We have not in the past nor shall in the future allow weapons in our restaurants from our employees, vendors or customers.

We made an exception on February 6, 2010, and regret this decision now. We were misled with some facts. The local police were involved and we knew none of the weapons were loaded, but it still caused tension with the large mob of people arriving as a group instead of individually. It was supposed to be a group luncheon, and it turned into a meeting. It was an organized propaganda meeting with an agenda. Flyers were handed out and none of this was Okayed with management. There were supposed to be only 50 people, and at least 100 were there. We were told that the luncheon would be an hour, and it turned into two hours We only have about 70  seats, so some of our customers had no place to sit.

We apologize for any inconvenience to our regular customers, it will not happen again. We want to have a safe place for you to dine, and a safe place for us to work. Thanks for your support and understanding.

Tom McLaughlin,
Regional Manager

John R. Pickerel, Owner
Buckhorn Grill

75 thoughts on “Buckhorn Grill regrets allowing Open Carry members to gather at its restaurant last Saturday

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