Mt. Diablo school board OKs $4 million in cuts

The Mt. Diablo Unified School District board of trustees agreed to cut $4 million to the budget Tuesday night, but that leaves many more millions that need to be cut, the Contra Costa Times reports. About the board’s Tuesday night, the Times says:

The $4 million in cuts over two years will affect adult education, counseling and other programs. Several school secretaries spoke in support of retaining their positions, which had been recommended for elimination before being taken off a list of cuts voted on earlier this month. However, trustees could vote to eliminate those positions next month. …

The trustees also unanimously voted to reject a charter school application…

13 thoughts on “Mt. Diablo school board OKs $4 million in cuts

  1. I just found your site while looking for Walnut Creek information after moving here last year. You seem to be concerned about money issues with the city, and I hate government waste.

    They are building a new pedestrian bridge on Treat near the Pleasant hill BART. I talked with a worker yesterday and they said it would be done by November! It was started over 5 months ago. Remember the bridge over the Mississippi that collapsed in Minneapolis, they replaced it with an eight lane new one in less than a year. So who is paying these guys to sit around all day and not work?


  2. Have you actually seen people “sitting around” and not working? Have you asked the county about this project and all the legal hoops CA puts in place? I would guess that the pedestrian bridge does not pose the same critical need as the bridge in MN and so did not get the same green lights to move ahead without the need for all the permits, studies, etc.


  3. I just got an email from my husband who told me to quit spending so much at the grocery store! We are all cutting back this year! Unless you are one of the few who are still spending like it's the 90's. My husband still has his day job, but his side business has suffered. The only reason he has a day job is because the company has cut way back. We are very frugal. I buy most of my clothing and household items and toys at thrift stores, do not get manicures, and cut my own hair. So I do not feel bad if the government schools have to cut back. And yes, I do donate time and money to the schools.


  4. Hey MN, welcome to CA! The number of environmental reviews etc. are mind boggling. The building codes are 5 times more extensive then you would every dream. Someone in my neighborhood replaced a driveway on a sloped property. After the drainage reviews, environmental impact, tree survey etc. it cost him 150K. Welcome to CA baby!


  5. It is disheartening to realize we are cutting back on our kids' future, yet we continue to spend incredible amounts of money on many wasteful and non-productive things. The LAST thing cut should be education, but instead it is always the first. Way to pick on the helpless kids and their struggling parents.


  6. I walk the Iron Horse trail almost daily and cross treat where it is going. You see them working at the new Avalon complex by BART, but the workers are sometimes absent, or like yesterday sitting around at the pedestrian bridge project, that's when I stopped and talked. Jones rd and the supports were put in 3 months ago, now nothing. I would have thought all there ducks were in a row before they started? It's Bothman construction not the county building it. Oh well still liking the East Bay.


  7. “I just got an email from my husband who told me to quit spending so much at the grocery store!”

    I think you guys should spend more on marriage counseling. That's not the way adult people should communicate about family finances.


  8. Great point Mickey Martin, and the people have repeatedly voted that way despite the repeated shame on us by not voting for tax increases, we are depriving children of a decent opportunity for an education. The problem is, no matter how hard we've tried, and how many partitions we put in place, we can't keep money intended for education away from the rest of the State's bloated entitlements and suffocating pension obligations.


  9. Let's remember that in 20 to 30 years, it will be this generation of children whose low paying jobs are attempting to support us on Social Security. Without a decent education, they will not be making enough to support us!
    We will be reaping what we sow, and it will not be pretty!


  10. Plan ahead to independently support yourself

    Don't rely on Social Security because, in all likelihood, it won't be there. If it is, then good. But if it is not, then you will be that much further ahead.



  11. Ugh…this is why there are so many ugly women in Walnut Creek…they cut their HH budgets by cutting their own hair and shopping for clothing in smelly thrift stores along side the winos and other downtrodden.

    Very few people can get away with cutting their own hair or shopping in thrift stores. They are generally creative and young…not tacky housewives who lack business savvy and now sex appeal.

    I thought this area was wealthy???


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