Save the date! National hero Karl Rove coming to Lafayette!

I have a confession to make: I have a fascination for maniacal geniuses, who, without any sense of remorse, shame, or common human decency, cold-bloodedly seek power and influence over other people’s lives, including over world events. For example, I often think, I wouldn’t be fuming and ranting on a local, community blog if I had long ago channeled my inner Vladimir Putin. Gosh, my sphere of influence would have been so much wider–and deadlier!
I could have been more like political strategist Karl Rove, who is best known as President George W. Bush’s top advisor–or, rather, as “Bush’s Brain.”

Anyway, Rove, a “great American” (to borrow the words of Sean Hannity)  is coming to Lafayette on March 30.  Contra Costa Times Political Editor Lisa Vorderbrueggen reported in her column Sunday that Rove will be speaking at a lunch event sponsored by Political Vanguard, the conservative web site of California Republican Party Vice Chairman Tom Del Beccaro. All proceeds for the event will go to the Contra Costa Republican Party.

“It’s unclear how much it will cost to bring Rove to Lafayette or who will pay,” Vorderbrueggen wrote. “Speaker fees are negotiated and can vary wildly.”
If you want to more information about Rove’s appearance in Contra Costa County, go to the Political Vanguard’s website–although as of late Sunday, the Rove appearance page was still under construction.

28 thoughts on “Save the date! National hero Karl Rove coming to Lafayette!

  1. What a scumbag. His Father was gay, and his wife divorced him. If he's looking for love, he won't find it in Contra Costa County.


  2. Nitwits, all of the commenters. Ever hear him speak? Debate? Opine? His command of the data and facts shreds emo-liberals, and his understanding of the political scene commands begrudging respect from the the left, right and center. Fact is, the left wishes they had someone with half his abilities.


  3. First, the guy who wants to name Mt. Diablo after Reagan, then the Open Carry contingent, and now Karl Rove!

    It's conservatives on parade lately.

    What next?


  4. He may be an astute debater and he may have an astounding command of the political scene but he's a got a “smarmy smugness” about him that is nauseating.


  5. I'm a long-time Republican and I like Karl Rove, but the CCRP is an organization (using the term loosely) that I detest.

    The reason for this is simple: they haven't won an election for a Republican candidate for years. They waste their time with puerile infighting. Chair Del Baccaro, in particular, has lost all respect.

    The CCRP is composed of losers and I'm surprised that a sharp guy like Karl would associate with them.


  6. There is no way a republican will ever win any office in the bay area. The liberals are too dominant here. If it looked as if a local republican would win in a district, the liberals would just redesign the district geography to include areas that don't vote republican so that person will never, ever win.

    Its too bad. Im sure the bay area could produce a moderate republican that isn't entrenched in the religious right and may be more level headed and reasonable instead of pandering to some extreme base of radicals like most of the politicians in these parts.

    That is a person I would vote for.


  7. Anon 5:58 you are a picture of what's wrong with the Republican Party.

    Government is not like sports, it's not about what team wins. There is only one country and elections should be about what is best for the country.

    Thus nobody should care which “team” wins. And nobody should care whether Rove smoked the dems. The question was whether Rove's strategy was good for the country.


  8. Anon 6:59 said “Government is not like sports, it's not about what team wins. There is only one country and elections should be about what is best for the country.”

    Have you ever heard James Carville, Paul Begala, Bob Shrum, etc…? The left sees politics as a win at all costs/take no prisoners event just as much as repubs.


  9. Isn't this a community blog, not a political commentary site? Stick with what you are best at. I read this blog quite often, and I'm not a huge fan of Rove. Your diatribe however, is unappealing.


  10. I agree with 1:22 PM. If this blog is going political, I have no use for it. It's clear the blog owner is a liberal and she does not try to hide it. If that's the way it's going to be, see ya.

    BTW, you haters are really pathetic. Rove is very intelligent and a great thinker, and it just kills you liberals, doesn't it? I can't figure out who you losers hate more, Rove or Palin.


  11. How can I have respect for someone who's boss (the POTUS, no less) publicly called him a turd blossom? Yes, I know what the term means, but still…….


  12. Boy, there sure is alot of hatred on this subject. This very hatred clouds any meaningful discussion about Mr. Rove and what he may of may not have done while working in the White House.

    As with so many things discussed here, if you don't like it and have nothing of substnace to contribute, then ignore it. Juvenile name calling doesn't accomplish a thing and the name caller's contributions become meaningless.


  13. For a man who wasn't elected, he sure did have a lot of influence on our lives during the GW years.

    He made a mockery of our political process, our constitution, and our rights.

    He has no shame, no decency, or ideals. He should not be allowed to step foot on U.S. soil


  14. You people who hate Rove simply because he was effective are the first to suck up to Rahm Emanuel. Pathetic hypocrites. If Rove was a Democrat you would be praising him as if he were a saint.


  15. Karl Rove is a good guy, but he is in the company of not-so-good guys when he visits Lafayette March 30 for the CCRP.

    The entry fee for this even for the great unwashed is $75. And if you want “special seats”, it'll cost you $250.

    I plan to save my money.


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