Ladies (and Gents), have you done The Cleanse?

Beyonce’s done it. And Gwyneth Paltrow glows even more in her utter gloriousness because, as she says herself on her website, Goop: “I like to do fasts and detoxes a couple of times during the year, the most hardcore one being the Master Cleanse.”

As Gwyneth tells us: “It was not what you would characterize as pretty. Or easy.”

Yes, that’s right the Cleanse is a detoxification program, the most vigorous being different variations on a 28-day program, such as the Master Cleanse that Miss Gwyneth says she has done.   

Well, I’ve been hearing that a bunch of moms around Walnut Creek are getting a fresh start on the New Year with a 28-day Cleanse program. A popular one I’ve been hearing about  was devised by a Walnut Creek nutrition expert named Ti Cauldron, who runs a company called The Metabolic Edge.

“The 28-Day JumpStart is a life changing way to achieve a clean slate through a revolutionary nutrition program. While eating whole foods and practicing principles of detoxification, the mind and body are renewed and vitality returns,” it says on the company’s website.

Apparently, it can help you lose weight, as well as rid your system of all that icky stuff that contributes to feeling bloated, grumpy, depressed, lethargic, unmotivated, even chronically sick or in pain. The Metabolic Edge claims that this program is safe and effective. It’s not a fast, or a “juicing” program.” As an ideal detox program, it incorporates “amino acids, B-vitamins, and foods / supplements that support the liver, gall bladder, colon, and kidneys.”

Lots of testimonials on the site about how participants not only lost weight but overcame unhealthy cravings for those fun things in life—like sugar, coffee, chocolate, alcohol. 

I ran into an old friend from high school at Whole Foods, and she was urging me to do it.  Then, I ran into another friend at a yoga class this past Sunday. I know her from my son’s former elementary school.

She has just finished her training to be a Certified Nutrition Educator herself. She was telling me how about 20 moms at my son’s former school are doing the Cleanse, including the principal herself. The friend said she did it herself, and she said it worked just fine, and could recommend it. 

However, she’s working at building her own nutrition practice and is working out her own program, and has invited me and some others to give it a try with her and give her feedback.

In an e-mail to me, she says: “The reason that a person might do this is to 1) just clean out the body of accumulated toxins that can affect energy, weight, mood and mental clarity; 2) to lose weight; 3) to figure out how certain foods are affecting one’s health. If you are eating foods that you are sensitive to, the fall-out can cause lots of random symptoms, including aches and pains, gas, allergies, mood swings, anxiety, skin problems, weight gain, brain fog — many issues we can easily yet erroneously write off to getting older.”

I’m thinking of doing it. Goodness knows, I have all sorts of unhealthy habits, and doing this blog has sort of unleashed a sort of crazy energy in me that, I convince myself, gives me license to indulge more than I should. 

Anyway, if you have done the Metabolic Edge, or the Master Cleanse, or any other detox program, I’d love to hear about it, and, probably, so would some other readers who are maybe looking for something to jumpstart their lives …

21 thoughts on “Ladies (and Gents), have you done The Cleanse?

  1. Why would anyone in their right mind do something like this to themselves without consulting their doctor first?

    Gweyneth Paltrow “glows” because of her genes and the fact that she has lots of bucks to help make her look “utterly glorious”.

    You can do most anything to your body (tattooing, body piercing, self-mutilation, starvation, one item diets) and achieve the same results of “utterly glorious glows” if you have the correct mindset. STUPID! DANGEROUS!


  2. Disturbing that so many mothers are jumping on this silly bandwagon. Not setting a very healthy example for their daughters. Eat less and exercise more. Do it year-round and do it with the kids.


  3. I am another mother who thinks all these diet and cleansing programs of the stars are stupid. Get a grip. Eat less, exercise more. Simple.


  4. Is this a detox program? Or is it a class on how to take vitamins and not treat your body like a garbage can?

    I can't see how it would be dangerous if you are being taught to take vitamins and eat healthy food. Why do you need to go to the doctor for that?


  5. I don't recommend the 28 day miracle but a view of how your taking care of your body 365 days a year. What is your exercise regime? Do you have one? Review your diet, replace the garbage with something whole. Change your way of life and make it 365 days a year. Hey, I'm not saying don't have a piece of chocolate cake, wine etc. but take a look at the big picture!

    Who cares about Paltrow.


  6. Dumb: looking at the website it's difficult to tell what the program is. The site is a confusing (and unfinished) mashup of professional services offerings and supplement sales.


  7. Dumb:

    It is always wise to make a visit to your personal physician before starting any diet regimen. Annual physicals that include blood workups are vitally important to your health management program and also a good time to discuss “cleansing” issues with your doctor.

    Most physicians are happy to work with certified nutritionists on healthy eating programs so it would be really DUMB to not pursue this avenue to a healthy body.


  8. From what I've read of it, the cleanse craze is a combination of quackery, Hollywood fads, and get-rich hucksterism.

    Stay away from it.

    If you want to clean out your system in a safe, inexpensive way, eat more fresh fruit and veggies and whole grains, drink more water, avoid cigarettes and go easy on the booze.


  9. I'm not into the cleanse, but I am interested in eating whole foods, ingesting less pesticides or toxins from chemicals in our food products.

    I would suggest eating fresh, whole foods, grass fed beef, just plain fresh – nothing out of a box, can or frozen. It is possible.

    BTW, have you read any books by Michael Pollan lately? That would be an interesting perspective for anyone dieting or wishing to change their eating habits.


  10. All this stuff is ridiculous. I agree with the 2nd comment…how you look and how long you live is mainly a result of your genes. My grandfather smoked his whole life (cigarettes until about 60, then switched to pipes) and lived to be 90. My grandmother cooked and baked wonderful foods her whole like, was overweight, and lived til 91. Other people excerise like crazy and drop dead at 60.

    I disagree with the comment about frozen foods. Frozen vegetables that are picked at their peak and flash frozen can retain more nutrients than “fresh” vegetables that have been shipped a long way.


  11. Sounds like physiological voodoo to me.

    My mantra: exercise the mind AND body, eat a balanced diet, have a sense of humor, and have fulfilling interpersonal relationships.


  12. It's a fad. I remember being recruited by one of these nutritional pyramid schemes back in the 80's and it was the first time I heard the word “toxins”. As a bio major then as an exercise physiologist I learned to ask them to define toxins (it's amazing that everyone just accepts the word as gospel) any answer you get if you even get anything beyond a blank stare is BS and made up.

    We didn't evolve as a species on toxin cleansing diets. Eat right and exercise. Pretty simple really. Oh yeah, stay away from charlatans hawking the fad of the day.


  13. Thanks Leftcoast,
    Fads don't generally help us but generate income for those who advertise them.
    I was never a victim of them but I'm still alive & hiking & working hard.


  14. It is a money making fad/scam.

    they offer some testimonials on their website, but what you should be looking for is a clinical study. and then you should take a look at the clinical study to see if it was a good study, because a lot arn't.

    testimonials and other analytical evidence, such as those about anonymous 4:21 PM's grandparents is pretty meaningless. clinical studies show that smoking causes cancer and other health defects and on average, leads to shorter life spans, yet 4:21's grandparents lived a long life while smoking. should we believe that smoking isnt harmful? of course not! there are a lot of very good clinical studies showing how harmful smoking is.
    maybe i missed them, but the cleanse website you link to doesnt show any sort of actual study showing either the effectiveness or the safety of what they are trying to sell you.

    i remember hearing once that the people who seem to live the longest eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables, have regular exercise, and spend a good deal of time with loved ones. i think those three things are much better advice than some crazy scam.


  15. “1) just clean out the body of accumulated toxins that can affect energy, weight, mood and mental clarity; “

    Ask her to name one. That is what I do every time someone talks about 'detox' programs and no one can come up with an answer because your body is not full of toxins that you can get rid of by drinking cayenne and honey spiked water. These programs are built on myth. Don't do it.

    Here's a program that will work:
    1). Avoid ice cream, chocolate bars, cookies and nachos
    2). Buy organically grown produce and eat lots of it.
    3). Take it easy on meat and when you want some make sure it is organically grown.
    4). eat wild fish, not farmed

    That will do a body good – day after day after day including all of the ones that come after the first 28.


  16. Wow. Right when I noticed you changed your picture from Victoria Beckham (sp?) you post this quackery. How am I ever supposed to take you seriously?


    This is blatant anti-science.

    You gonna start posting about Homeopathy and prayer-healing next?


  17. I have actually done the program, it is amazing and does actually help clear out the toxins : weither it be from the occasional not eating right, to too much coffee, stress, toxic people (see above) to environmental pollutants. It also helps identify if you are injesting foods that you may have an intollerance to and that is causing weight gain, headaches or other health issues. It is not a fad diet it actually helps you learn how to make better choices and is mostly a clean eating program which teaches proper food combining. Did anyone notice she has a PHD?! Didn't think so.
    Too bad so many people are so easy to be so negative. The master cleanse that you talked about is different there you do actually rob your body of nutrients and typical results are great weightloss initially but it always comes back. This is more of a healthy life style change. It is nice to have the support, the shopping lists and the recipies that come along with the program. For people who can do it alone BRAVO for people who like the community of doing it together it is a great program.
    That's my two cents.


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