Sandbags in MY basement, flooding… Thunder, lightning, hail … How are you doing?

My lovely rear basement wall, with sandbags stacked against it. Alas, they only delayed the rivulets of water that poured in through the morning with today’s downpour, and down that lovely linoleum. Annoying.The floor pattern, but also the water leaking into the basement.
Stayed home from work, running a pump off and on, and mopping it up with towels. And running towels through the dryer.
This happens about once a year, and, yeah, we do need some kind of work around our foundation. When we win the lottery?
How about you? Are you or your property staying dry?
Then the thunder and lightning hit, and more downpour, just as I was turning into my office parking lot. My son, at home with my mother, called, worried, saying “the whole house shook, like an earthquake.”
I came home, and on the drive there, saw this poor recycling can under attack by water cascading down the gutter. And, they say that we have bigger and badder storms to come?  I’m grateful for the rain, but not for the mess in my stupid basement.

7 thoughts on “Sandbags in MY basement, flooding… Thunder, lightning, hail … How are you doing?

  1. Funny, I didn't think anyone in CA had basements. Speaking from experience, correcting a wet basement may be less expensive than you think. We didn't fix ours (in NY) until we sold the house and I kicked myself thinking about simple the repair was, relatively speaking, compared to wet basement twice a year.


  2. You know, I didn't know it either until recently that California homes generally don't have basements.

    I wonder if the repair would be simple and not as expensive as I think. Thanks for letting me know about your experience.


  3. I arrived back in Liverpool from W.C. to a month of snow and ice so for once perhaps i got the better part of the deal considering I do enjoy a cold winter….hopefuly my W.C. house is intact!


  4. So far so good…we are still on the hill with all of the uphill neighbor's water running through us. Spent most of the day mucking out drain ditches around the house to keep the running water away from the foundations.

    Have seen lots of nieghbors getting sandbags at Howe/Homestead so hope the city keeps the sand coming and the supply of bags filled.

    Yes, it is best to take your own shovel and also good to have plumber's straps on hand to seal the top of the bags.

    If it gets really bad, I will be there waiting for Cindy Silva to show up to help fill bags for the nieghborhood flooding.


  5. Ugh, it just occurred to me that Silva might actually show up at Howe Homestead and fill half a sandbag as some sort of creepy photo-op.

    Basements…in California?


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