Get your sandbags! Get your sandbags! Get ready for the rain!

Walnut Creek has set up stations around the city where you can get sandbags to protect your home and property from the possibility of flooding and rapidly rising streams and creeks due to an expected onslaught of rain in the next week.

The National Weather Service warns of a strong series of storms to hit the Bay Area, starting this weekend and going into next week.  Rain could start as early as tomorrow (Saturday), but more likely on Sunday, and continue through Friday.  Heavy rain is expected on Wednesday and Thursday, “creating possible downed trees and power lines.”

If you’re in a vulnerable spot in Walnut Creek, here’s where you can pick up sand bags. Each sandbag station is set up with sand, empty sandbags and shovels. It’s a good idea to bring your own shovel if you can.

–Lancaster Road at Orchard Lane

–Howe Homestead Park, 2950 Walnut Boulevard

–Larkey Park, 2771 Buena Vista Avenue

–Heather Farm Park, 301 N. San Carlos, north parking lot

9 thoughts on “Get your sandbags! Get your sandbags! Get ready for the rain!

  1. Soccer Mom.,
    Thanks for the public service announcement!
    If we are lucky, the coming weather systems will help to fill our reservoirs but we need services like this to protect us.
    If people know neighbors that need help with sandbags, I hope thay help, too.


  2. We should all be especially concerned for the folks who live in the Homestead/Walker/Walnut Blvd. area who experience flooding on a regular basis during heavy rains.

    This flooding occurs because of a poorly done job of flood control on the city's part and the residents won a lawsuit against the city after the last floods. However, because of the city not having the funds to immediately correct the situation, the settlement agreement was that these beleagured residents will have to wait until 2012 for relief.
    Their only solution at this time is to accept the “free” sandbags from the city and do the work themselves to protect their homes and properties. Good deal, huh?


  3. This is not your regular “damn library” person but damn library anyway. The City would have had enough money to correct their mistake if the extra $$$ at City Hall hadn't been comitted to the damn library!

    Guess if flooding does happen next week, the floodees can go sleep in the temporary damn library to get warm and dry.


  4. I remember Sindy Sillva once saying that she would personally fill sand bags for people who may be in danger to flooding… Yeah right!


  5. 11:17pm

    Oh, pulllleeeeze, Cindy Silva getting down and dirty with a shovel…..this I would pay to see! Maybe she could make it a fundraiser for the library which is running short of cash.


  6. 11:17 Wow. Did she really say that! That's not quite up there with “Let them eat cake” and “Heck of a job Brownie” but she appears to be trying.


  7. Ms. Silva had better get her raingear on as I just drove down Homested and the creeks are rising.

    Gutters are overflowing at Walker/Homestead/Walnut Blvd. and we are only in our first of several big storms due to hit this week.

    Hope Ms. Silva like shoveling as an exercise as sandbags will definitely be needed filling before week's end.


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