Orinda man arrested for allegedly exposing himself in three East Bay ‘burbs

Todd Hager, who was reportedly under a lot of “stress,” was arrested at his home Thursday for a string of indecent exposure incidents in three East Bay suburbs that date back to August, according to Bay City news.

Orinda police arrested Hager in connection with an incident Wednesday in which he was in his car, reportedly with his pants pulled down. He rolled down his window when a woman and some children, walking near an elementary school, passed by. Police told the blogger, the East Bay Daze, that Hager admitted to the string of incidents and that he was under a lot of “stress.”

The Bay City News report doesn’t say, but I’m assuming he was fondling his you know what. 

That happened to me way back when I was living in the big city of San Francisco. I was out early in the morning, just as it was getting light, walking from my apartment to my gym, when some guy in a car pulled up next to me, rolled down his window, and called out something to me.  

Yeah, he had his pants down and was playing with his you know what.

My reaction? I shrugged, rolled my eyes, and kept walking.  I wasn’t afraid; it was a busy street, and I could have easily screamed or sprinted away if he tried to grab me. I wasn’t even that grossed out, and I personally didn’t feel offended or violated. I just thought, how pathetic of this guy.

I suppose I could have called the cops, but this was when we weren’t living in such a posh neighborhood, and I figured cops in that ‘hood had other many other things to deal with. Like the guy having a nervous breakdown outside the 24-hour liquor store near my apartment.

I’m sure that now, as a mom, walking with kids near my local elementary school, my reaction would be much different. I’d be on the phone in a flash.

It turns out that Hager matches the description of a suspect who had allegedly committed similar acts several times in Orinda, Moraga and Danville as far back as August, police told Bay City News. Most of those incidents took place near schools.

Hager was arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure and booked into county jail with bail set at $10,000.

7 thoughts on “Orinda man arrested for allegedly exposing himself in three East Bay ‘burbs

  1. Is is a donor to the Educational Foundation of Orinda? Maybe he was under pressure from all that nagging for public school fundraising.


  2. In Psychology, we learned several ways of dealing with indecent exposers. The type of people who indecently expose themselves often do so to get a shocked reaction from people. The best thing you can do is not act shocked. Acting shocked only reinforces their behavior.

    These people often have some sort of mental illness that they deal with. What they do is out of place and inappropriate. We can only hope that they get the mental health care that they need and once again become civilized and contributing members of society.


  3. It is only legal to expose yourself on the new TSA airport scanners. Psychology students learn to watch for people getting back in line repeatedly.


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