Learn the truth about what goes on behind those Rossmoor gates!

Some Rossmoor residents (troublemakers!) have created Your Rossmoor, a chat board where residents of this senior adult community can exchange views on Rossmoor issues, as well as offer tips on good restaurants, tips, housekeepers, and tradesman; post recipes; and post lost and found notices and items to be sold or traded.

This is Your Rossmoor’s manifesto:

Many residents feel our GRF Board [the nonprofit corporation that runs services and oversees and Rossmoor housing associations] communications outlets (newspaper, TV, web sites) have absurdly prohibitive, exclusionary content policies. Ergo, yourrossmoor, run independently by residents, NOT by any part of GRF, the mutuals or any club or organization. We welcome letters, articles or op/ed pieces, especially those rejected by the Rossmoor News.

The goal of this latest Rossmoor amenity is community enhancement by making residents better connected and involved. Hopefully, this will contribute to improvement in management, self-government, and overall daily life in our valley.

The chat board is open to the public for viewing, and I’ve posted a link to it on my site. But only Rossmoor residents can comment.

13 thoughts on “Learn the truth about what goes on behind those Rossmoor gates!

  1. A bit behind the times aren't you, SM?

    A peek at the “chat board” (which is merely a Yahoo group) reveals that it was started in 2003.


  2. And your point is? To denigrate it because it is “merely” a Yahoo group, and that it's been around since 2003.

    So what? Are you saying it's–OMG–Old news!

    Isn't that approach, that dismissal rather, 20th century mainstream media?

    Perhaps people inside and outside Rossmoor don't know about it. Or, if they did and they got busy with other things, it doesn't hurt to remind them. Just in case.

    A Rossmoor friend shared it with me, and thought it would be worth letting other people know about it.

    This Rossmoor friend seemed interested in steering his fellow residents towards a forum for chatting, sharing news, concerns, whatever.


  3. I've followed that group for a couple years, since my Dad was living in Rossmoor. Maybe it's my guilty pleasure to watch others deal with modern life. Rossmoorians do get stirred up over the oddest things sometimes. Recently it was the temperature at one of their pools that generated a lot of comments.


  4. SM- Thanks for the info. Unlike 2:48, I did not know that there is an un'official' site to voice opposition to the Golden Rain Foundation policies and politics. This neighborhood news junkie will start searching for it.
    BTW- 2:48 it appears that you prefer to read about more recent 'news' , why don't you email the info to SM or start your own blog and report it? I'll read it.
    Happy New Year 2:48. SM and all, and thanks SM for sharing your blog. It's always interesting.


  5. or, perhaps you could call a newsgroup what we called them when I was in high school and got stuck behind one in traffic:



  6. Most of it's posts are from just a handful of people who like to complain. The host revels in perceived scandals and often makes them up, usually preceeded by words like “someone who ought to know has told me . . .”. He regards most of the board and employees as incompetent and rants about them. What a waste.


  7. it's new news to me, so thanks for posting. a bunch of bitchy octogenarians — i love it. seriously, though, if the local HOA is so orwellian as to have someone start a “free” web board to counter the status-quo, there must be some tight-lipped folks over there.


  8. I'm a proud “Rossmoron” and love these folks! I've found residents incredibly full of life experience which they generously share; they're compassionate and diverse with a true sense of community–inside the gates & out. The mere existence of the chat board & blogs runs counter to the out-of-touch octogenarians described above. I'm 60 (a mere babe); I love Rossmoor & our chat board! Warning to “Anonymous:” Your day will come, if you're lucky. (And when you have arthritis, you'll want your pool water warm–trust me.)


  9. From 2:48

    Ooooh. So sensitive…

    It is not denigrating to the chat board to say that it is a Yahoo group (I belong to several) nor is it denigrating to say that it started in 2003.

    The denigration part was the “…behind the times aren't you, SM?”

    Go find another website that's been around a long time and tell everyone about it. That will make you feel good all over again. May I suggest the “Drudge Report” as a good possibility.

    No? I guess not – they tell the truth there.


  10. from Anonymous re “Rossmoron” –

    I was just being “creatively maladjusted” as per SM's post on Dr King when I wrote that…

    no seriously, I was just offering up a different website name and poking a little fun… I fully respect that getting older physically sucks


  11. Hello all,
    Someone posted a comment that make denigrating allegations about a named person's professional qualifications and competence. That is not appropriate to this board, so I deleted it, and I apologize to the named person that I did not catch it earlier.


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