Grrrr: The leaf blower guys are blasting around my house this morning

I’m home on vacation, but not really on vacation… Doing a bit of work here and there (while also watching, out of the corner of my eye, a Russell Crowe movie.)

But I just felt like I was standing next to a jet engine taking off. Yeah, the leaf blower guys came sweeping through the neighborhood. 


I can’t get much work done at this moment, and I’m going to have do some some serious rewinding on the parts of the movie drowned out by the noise. 

Here are links back to prior posts. The first raises the question about the use of leaf blowers–especially of the 75-decibal-plus gas-powered kind–in Walnut Creek and describes bans on the use of leaf blowers instituted by other cities.  The second lists the Walnut Creek noise ordiance that applies to leaf blowers.

3 thoughts on “Grrrr: The leaf blower guys are blasting around my house this morning

  1. I'm also channel surfing. Now I found this 1954 film on Turner Classic Movies called “Salt of the Earth.”

    Poignant film about Mexican miners… Or so it says.

    Black and white. It has that gritty “On the Watefront” and actors who don't look professional.

    It's very dangerous for me to be home alone with the remote. Once the leaf blower guys go away.


  2. The leaf blower guys came through my neighborhood today too. But there's nothing left to blow. All the leaves fell a few weeks ago and are gone. just blowing up dust!


  3. I commented in your first leaf-blower post about how it's impossible to work from home when they're blowing, even with the windows closed. I haven't tried watching a film during a “leaf attack.” That sounds even more frustrating. At least while working, we can “take a break” until the noise subsides. We're all going to be deaf if this keeps up.

    “Salt of the Earth” is a classic made by McCarthy-era blacklisted film professionals. It was cast with mostly non-actors to tell the story of unionizing Mexican-American mine-workers. One of my favorites.


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