Walnut Creek home: All lit up for the holidays

This is the Donnelly home on Flowerwood Place. According to the website, Lights of the Valley, the Donnellys have been decorating for 31 years. Their main theme is Winter Wonderland, and this display takes about a month to construct. Mrs. Donnelly makes the penguins and snowpeople by hand, while Mr. Donnelly takes care of that pesky PG&E bill.

The Donnellys will begin showing their display December 12 and keep it up through January 2, 6 to 10 p.m. weekdays, and 5:30 to 11 p.m. weekends. However, they will only have their lights up on clear nights. The lights don’t work when it’s raining.

If you didn’t know about the Lights of the Valley website, where you can search for amazing Christmas lights displays in your neighborhood or hometown, anywhere in the Bay Area, check it out.

4 thoughts on “Walnut Creek home: All lit up for the holidays

  1. Not to be a grinch, but lavish lights displays, along with Las Vegas, are customs that should seriously be reconsidered given our dubious energy future. If its solar or other renewable energy-powered — great.

    I have a feeling SC will take issue with this post, and call me a ruiner. So be it. But U.S. energy consumption is an embarrassment. My aim is joyus life on earth for a long, long time, so thousands of future generations can enjoy far more than holiday lights.


  2. My point is this country's addiction to excess, to opulence is threatening our future. The merriest holiday gift is the gift of simplicity. One small string of lights can be really lovely and special. It also uses far less energy, which, for the most part these days isn't renewable. We're using it up. Even if we “drill baby drilled,or opened the Arctic Wildlife Refuge. We're still using it up. We'll use it up at a much slower pace, giving time to develop renewable alternatives if we go gently now. . . . Folks that don't get this are in serious denial.


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