Hot local Black Friday tips courtesy of The Frugal Find

Julia, a Central Contra Costa County mom of four kids, amazingly, finds the time and energy to manage her very up-to-the minute website The Frugal Find. Growing up poor, she says she has a passion for frugality, and she says she is devoted to scoping out and sharing information about deals and coupons at area businesses.

So, if you’re a Black Friday shopping nut, and you’re still trolling around for info about hot shopping deals starting–well–already, check out The Frugal Find’s Black Friday Ads and Deals.

For those venturing out soon, good luck!

6 thoughts on “Hot local Black Friday tips courtesy of The Frugal Find

  1. Yes, Julia finds time to blog about specials. It's her JOB. She also reaps an income from this blog. According to previous posts on her website, she's profitted to the tune of $10,000+ per month.

    Julia is an exceptional marketer. The more people she has who promote her blog, the more money she makes. It is a profit-driven blog and Julia knows the who's who in the blogging world.

    I'm not saying there is anything wrong with profitting on a blog, nothing at all.

    The secret is, the more name brand items you blog about, the more readers you have finding your blog. The more clicks, the more money you can potentially make. Anyone can do it, and lots of people do.


  2. Wow, you are very wrong about that. Although I wish you weren't! I've never made ANYWHERE close to $10,000 a month or even $10,000 since I started my blog a year ago. My husband is unemployed and I work PT we're barely going to be able to pay rent on the 1st. I'd LOVE to see the posts where I said I made $10,000 a month. That's just silly.


  3. Profits or no profits (see above comment thread), I checked out the Frugal Find site just now and, from my quickie skim, I like its resources. Good leads, good variety.

    Heck, I hope she does turn a profit on the site. I'm sure it takes some work putting it together, and I like seeing bloggers (female bloggers in particular) make $$$ off their efforts. Other home/shopping blogs who are starting to turn a profit off theirs, I think, include two of my faves, Young House Love (lots of money-saving DIY tips) and House of Turquoise. Total feel-good eye candy (she makes money off the related pages, the color-themed shopping pages).

    So, I say: Go, bloggers! More power to you. Blog on.


  4. Well, profit or no profit (and why not make money from your labor?), I had a tough time “working” this site yesterday and found it no help with on-line Black Friday shopping. Old-fashioned google seaching did far better. Sorry Julia; I did try. But for the record I have no problems with your business venture.


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