Thursday Night Fever: Roller Skating and New Moon premiere

Night Fever, Night Fever… Lots of things shaking Thursday in and around the Creek.

Those kids at Walnut Creek Intermediate had their skate party at Golden Skate in San Ramon. You can see the after-effects of this massive party for suburban middle schoolers, in the form of kids’ rented roller skates piled up on Golden Skate’s rental counter.
And lots of older kids and young adults were lined up, and camped out later Thursday night–outside the Century 14 movie theater in downtown Walnut Creek. They were there, presumably waiting to snag tickets and seats inside to see New Moon, the second cinematic installment in the Twilight teen vampire saga.

It was a pretty, brisky, autumn night out. Not the worst night to be sitting out with friends, in jackets, mittens, camp chairs, and blankets, waiting to get into the theater to see the big showdown between Edward versus Jacob. And Edward versus the Volturi and Bella versus her own sulky, melancholic fixation on men she can’t have…

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