Do you know an outstanding woman? Nominate her for Contra Costa’s Commission on Women’s Hall of Fame

The deadline to nominate women in one of seven categories is coming up on November 30.

The county’s Board of Supervisors established the Women’s Hall of Fame in 1997 to recognize women who have made significant contributions to the county. The categories are: leadership; creating community; working for justice; preserving the environment; improving health care; contributing to the arts; innovating science and technology.

The Contra Costa Commission for Women’s mission is to improve the status, social welfare, and overall quality of life of women in our area. You can obtain nomination forms at the Women’s Commission website.

Last year’s inductees were:

* Women Demonstrating Leadership: Janiece Nolan Ph.D. of Lafayette, president/CEO John Muir Physician Network

* Women Creating Community: Laurie Huffman Ph.D. of Brentwood, teacher and community Activist

* Women Working for Justice: Cynthia Peterson of San Pablo, program director, Rape Crisis Center of Community Violence Solutions

* Women Preserving the Environment: Joni Lynn Grisham of Benicia, Pittsburg High School teacher

* Women Improving Health Care: Heather Estes of Foster City, CEO, Planned Parenthood Shasta-Diablo

* Women Contributing to the Arts: Diane Kamrin of Pleasant Hill, director, choreographer, conductor, performer

* Women Innovating in Science/Technology: Nina Dronkers, Ph.D. of Kensington, Veterans Administration Research Career Scientist

One thought on “Do you know an outstanding woman? Nominate her for Contra Costa’s Commission on Women’s Hall of Fame

  1. I nominate Anna, the lemon lady , for the category of creating community. She has raised the profile of finding nutrition in our back yards and orchards to help hungry neighbors.


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