Garamendi is CD-10’s new rep in DC

The Associated Press and other news organizations have declared John Garamendi the winner in California’s 10th congressional race. He will take Ellen Tauscher’s place as our local representative for the U.S. House of Representatives.

According to KCBS: California Lt. Gov. John Garamendi, a Democrat, has defeated his Republican opponent in a Contra Costa congressional race to replace Ellen Tauscher.

With about a third of the votes counted in the East Bay, the Democrat and longtime player on California’s political stage was ahead by nearly 16 points over David Harmer.

7 thoughts on “Garamendi is CD-10’s new rep in DC

  1. I just saw Garamendi being interviewed by Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC. Garamendi was talking about how he was in support of universal healthcare and how much support he had for the House bill.

    I'm thrilled that we elected progress rather than regress.


  2. does anyone care that he doesn't live anywhere near most of the constituents in his district?!? ie Walnut GROVE in SACRAMENTO county?


  3. 1:02,

    We had a choice between a regressive who lived within the district or a progressive who lives out of the district. It's obvious what the people's choice is.


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