Vote Tuesday!

Yeah, 2009 is an off-year for an election, and the ballot list isn’t long, but try as much as you can to vote.
We’ve got some vitally important local races.

There’s the election to decide our next local representative in the 10th U.S. Congressional District. The main contenders are Lt. Governor John Garamendi (Democrat) and San Ramon attorney David Harmer (Republican).

For those who live in Walnut Creek, you get to decide on the future of Broadway Plaza by voting “yes” or “no” on Measure I. A “yes” vote would allow Broadway Plaza to build a new department store–effectively, a Neiman Marcus–in downtown Walnut Creek.

Then there are the measures to extend parcel taxes for our local school districts: Measure G for the Acalanes Union High School District and Measure H for the Walnut Creek School District.

Good for you if you got your mail-in ballots in. And good for you if you’ve marked in time in whatever calendar you use to stop by your neighborhood polling place to vote.

Don’t make the poor choice I made in last May’s special election, when I didn’t vote. Don’t pull a Meg Whitman.

Come on, there’s something very cool about getting to vote tomorrow. Those of us in the 10th congressional district get to decide on whom we want to send to Washington to represent us. Walnut Creek-ans get to decide on the enormously fateful question of whether they want a new luxury department store in town, and, we hope, put this whole Neiman Marcus controversy behind us. And property owners who live within two school district boundaries get to decide whether they think the schools need their financial help, via permanent parcel tax extensions.

Look, there is not a lot we can control in what’s going on in the world, in this country, or even in this state. But we can make these local decisions that, especially with the school measures, affect us in an almost day-to-day way.

9 thoughts on “Vote Tuesday!

  1. I voted! Was practically the first one at the polling place. I made myself go out running, even though the full moon kept me from sleeping much. I went out running, stopped by on my way home to shower, dress, and get ready for work.

    I actually arrived a couple minutes early and the poll workers asked me to be the “official” witness to examine the ballot boxes to make sure they were empty before they sealed them. That was one of those small thrills of the day, getting to be the official witness in one small step of this process.

    Happy election day everyone!


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